Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh bulan!!~~ ooohh MoON~~

sad + dissappointed face

supposely, I'm going to TRANS expedition with them...hurmm but my parents had persuaded me not to go as they not gonna be around for almost a week. They had already booked the flight tickets to Sarawak...(honeymoon trip la tuh)...adehhh bosannya mlm ni....
hurmm i already paid RM130 for that expedition which includes bus fares and foods & mybe accommodation at Cameron Highland. Such a waste lol!!~~ the money had burned...without my presence of utilising it....the money maybe had be spent for other hikers convenience or for any other necessary expenses...mama just didn't mind at all if the money is unrefundable... I'm just wishing I'll get it back la...hehe but Halim reminded me to not hoping at all...oucchh

the TRans expedition involves hiking of mount Korbu (2nd tallest mountain in Peninsula Malaysia after Tahan Mount), Yong Balar & Gayong. Expedition to 3 mountains in a week!!!~~ such a freaking strenous expedition!!! yet so adventurous and tempting tau!!! i likeee...thats my thing :)
stuffs like insect repellant and others had been purchased yesterday at MYDIN subang jaya....
also kinda wasted tau!!!! haha better i just keep them all for coming expeditions ....

hurmm jom cerita tentang what had i filled out with after my final exam ended~~~ (YUEWWW Huuu 2nd year in Monash had finally ended!!~) welcoming final year to come la ni :)

my last paper was on Thursday 25th June 2009...it was Genetic paper which was quite mind cramming :(
and at nite...i went for a late nite movie at IOI Puchong Mall for Transformers (Rise of The Fallen) at 12.45 pm. The movie ended 2 hours 30 minutes later..it was truly awesome with high-tech transformation of machine and cars into supercool robots of autobots and decepticons... i rated this movie as 5 out of 5!!! hehe

i wanna share out a story which entitled: One Of The None, quite interesting & provide some moral values in it :)

Today marks as one of the turning points of my life. Why? Well because today I got my first actual dose of grim reality. How in the limelight of the so called harmony and development of society hides a silhouette figure that seems to delude almost every one of us including me. A figure that represents everything we hate yet we become it in our own unrealized way.

I can still picture the situation, my feelings as I glanced out from my fathers’ car. By the side of the road lied an old bicycle, wrecked. Under it sprawled an old Chinese man pinned under the bicycle unable to get up. A clear victim of hit and run. I looked on with pity but as the car moved forward with no intentions of stopping, guilt started to rise up, flowing my mind with doubts. I thought of positive thoughts, thoughts of him getting up on his own, thoughts of him getting help from others, thoughts of him being unscratched. Good thoughts but actually just attempts to subside the guilt.

Then I saw his face. His face covered in blood, full of hurt and desperation. But not because of pain, but because of disappointment. None was willing enough to help, none gave a helping hand and ‘none’ included me. I could see no less then twenty cars around me. In those cars sat a no less then fifty people with any less then a hundred eyes that just ‘looked on’.

I felt guilty for not stopping, hated myself but not to the point of giving. Just guilt. Then finally a car pulled over to help. I was free, purged from guilt.

But I can’t understand why I, why people didn’t stop at the first sight of the incident? Why? Was it because of lack of responsibility? Being to busy? Racism? Prejudice? Or just because we’ve been so long out of touch with our conscience?Why we can't have remorse & being considerate to others?? Just why...and why not??

I just hope he’s okay.

hurmm it seems the title of my post today has no correlation with the content hehe :P so sorry guys

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