Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Insomnic Issue

for almost a week....i can't sleep at all!!!!!! still up at 1-5 a.m.
huwaaa bored like crazy......watched movies on HBO, Star Movies, read books, read mags, played games.....makan!!!! (fuh tu yang best tuh!!) :P hehe pastu gelak sorg2 sbb terhibur ngn lawak komik and terhibur dgn dri sdri haha

What awkward is that I will be automatically so damn sleepy whenever the sun has comeout
(sunrise)...then one of my friend told me that my biological clock has messed up and this is so bad for my health lol..then he told me about Allah's firman which says we should utilise night to get our rest and utIlise the day to get to work or earn anything for a living this means that I had lived againts my nature ..oh no!! AND i was so ruining my health quality wuuuu..
I promised myself to change this up and be normal instead of staying up all night like nocturnals or vampires haha

Today, after got back from a pleasant show of OBSESSED movie...I didn't sleep even though my muscles and all were quite tired....i just can't sleep....seriously i got no trouble in mind, so i must be silently sleeping or snoring noww!!!! argghhh what the heck???? help me out plssss....kill me now!! hahaha plsss sing me to sleep anybody??? huhu

then I ate buah taste sweet-sour :) ...Milie brought it from Kedah...she got back at 5 am!!!!
it was my 1st time of eating it ..hehe quite nice laaaa
the flesh is so cute!!! orangy and so juicy..whenever u bite will spray out a juicy sweet-sour liquid...nyummm2
and I felt so happy after gave it a unique la this kind of fruit..its hardly being found nowadays..and is endemic to Malaysia (can only be found in Malaysia)..natively found in MALAYSIA!!! WOW

Name: Local Name (Malay) Jentik-jentik
Scientific Name: Baccaurea polyneura

buah jentik by adzla.


  1. wah..
    aku suka buah jentik2 ni


  2. Hi Ainil,

    I am the photographer for the picture you've posted and I would like to thank you for using my Jentik-jentik picture.





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