Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Backyard at Sg. Besi

my father: Jasni bin mohd noor loves gardening and planting so much..his devotion towards plants are shown at my house's backyard~~
what interesting and awesome is he planted quite a number of ornamental and beneficial plants and trees here!!!! he enjoy doing all these things as he was in technical school before which taught and trained him in crop planting, gardening and some basic construction...my mother loves flowers and she used to plant orchids, 'birdnest' trees, and some other beautiful plants which then evolve to be parts of our house's landscape. ...Useful plants are grown here for our consumption (like eggplant, dragon fruit, chilies, papaya, cucumber, lemongrass, lime and other) or for a variety of other purposes, such as dye (henna tree).


At times, I HAVE to water these plants when being asked by my mama..hehe
my aunt usually came here to collect some kedondong fruit as this fruit is her favourite..The fruit may be eaten raw; the flesh is crunchy and a little sour. It commonly occurs as an ingredient in rojak!!!so urrmm yummyy!!~~ It can be preserved as pickle by soaking the fruit into high concentrated sugar or salt.



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