Friday, July 31, 2009

Plan to adopt a darn cute kitten..

a pic of a baby kitten with it's mother:taken from Fatehana's collection (which is her friend's cats)...

After signing up as a member in PETFINDER,...(a website which u can browse through a listings of adorable pets for adoption or conduct a search based on ur criteria :) ) I decided to adopt one looker kitten as a pet!! i already got a cat in my house at sg besi..its name is COMOT.... my family cat..and he should just stay there at my family's house la...haha I won't take COMOT to PJS 9 coz my mama would kil me!!~~Through this PETFINDER, pet rescuers, fosterers and adopters could assist homeless dogs and cats in seeking a proper home. i've already chose some cute kittens that are available to be adopted.....most of my family member love cats and made them as a their grandma's cat is TOM

TOM...he is a persian+ Siamese-breed cat with a unique crossed-eyes feature hahaha :P


My interest towards cats started since i was a kid...i used to play with cats, sleep with them and fed them....I used to play with my cats with laser point to draw their attentian & make them chase it...

After being familiarised with them for several years, I am curious to get more involved into the cat fancies. Cats are happen to be easily domesticated..and it has been said that cat is the cleanest animal in the universe as they groom (fur-licking) themselve more often than any other animals...
Commonly, home cats need to be vaccinated, bathed regularly to serve as better health care for them..cats are quite excellent in controlling pests or rodents within your house...
I found that the rewards of cat companionship outweigh the discomforts & problems in my life!!!~~their adorable looks and behaviours could make everyone laugh and smile..moreover, just like dogs, cats are great in expressing affection towards their human companions & I wanna conclude here that cats have mutualistic or commensal relationship to human in many aspects lol (cewah!!! ayat biotechnologist x??hehe) ...don't you think so??..??

it is also said that Muhammad (RASULLULLAH) had a favorite cat, Muezza. It is said he loved cats so much that "he would do without his cloak rather than disturb one that was sleeping on it". and same goes to ABU HURAIRAH who loved cats and put it at the under the sleeve of his cloak as the cat's comfy shelter or place to hideout :)

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