Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kereta Kena Calar..kes langgar lari..urghh

sometimes we have to go through the pain to experience the joy
ngntok sgt!!! bru balik dr. BERKELAH WATERFALL kt maran, pahang :)
penat ber-jungle trekking ......arrived at Sunway College at bout 10 pm last night!!!~
after got down from bus...I walked to my car which I parked next to SUNWAY COLLEGE academic building....It was quite dark at dat time so I didn't notice the scratch..huhu
Then I parked my green-jaded vehicle near to the parking spot of the bus....and u know what??!!
OMG!!!~~ LIKE SERIOUSLY~~ and it seriously did happened to me too!!! huwaaa
I saw some scratches on the right corner bumper of it!!!! aiyoyo......then I rubbed my eyes several times like I wasn't believe that it had happened to me~~~ hmm sabar je la....
these are not 'baby' scratches at all!!~~ but thank god it just scratches...the paint look a bit tarnished and I could see blackish basic paint of it....huwaaaa
even though I should feel upset and stress out with that coz I just got back from a quite tiring+long journey from Pahang lol...but I wasn't really that affected emotion was quite controllable on that moment............~~ haha yeke??? :P
sape la yg leave out these scratches ke atas harta dunia aku ni ha?? tensen tol!!~~ I don't like any marks on it tau!!!! there by, I've already planned to go to the security center at the Lobby of Sunway College to view all activities recorded by CCTV at parking track down which person or which car had leaved out that 'fancy' scratches....ko ingat this thing is a form of art ke ape???!!! ha??!!
at least be responsible la!! tlgla tgglkan no hp kt atas kete aku then kepitkan kt celah wiper tuh!!!! mmg aku curse la org tuh ...dia akan kna balasannya la....geram ni ..geram ...
scracthes ni aku xnk!!! bg free pun aku xnk!!!huhu
mama mesti bsing ..huhu aduhhh

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  1. bawak bersabar. biasalah kes2 macam nih memang selalu terjadi



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