Thursday, September 17, 2009

Broga Hill

O00Oh my, does this photo look like some place in Malaysia? No right.. I’m beginning to discover that some areas around rural Semenyih truly look foreign. iT looks like straight out of a storybook. Don't you think??? :)

"Take nothing but photographs!. Leave nothing but footsteps!"

Another hiking trip organized by MWAC which I had joined.. We had planned to have our sahur and see sunrise at the top of the hill. However we just managed to sahur and snacking in the bus and during our time climbing up. We made our way uphill with the help of our torch lights and headlamps, we finally reached the top at about 6.00 am in the morn..and we setlled to pray Subuh.
The trek could be graded as easy and the views from the hill tops were nothing less than fantastic. iT took just 45 minutes or less to the top . The trail is quite slippery as it was just raining and the gradient is quite steep. Once at the hilltop, we merely followed the vaguely visible path that cuts through the tall lalang downhill to get to another peak. We waited for sunrise to come but..... There was NO sunrise!! as it was windy and cool up there, it took a while before I acclimatised and started thinking & smiling again. hahaha

Then we just basking in the soft sunlight. Some of our colleagues capturing the beautiful early morning glow on our faces, (haha gler comel) with lush green grass and a strip of blue sky in the background. The view from the tophill : on left side is Broga Town and right side Nottingham University Campus view . I perched a top a rock and took a nap on it..hehe coz i was so sleepy as I haven't sleep before the trip. (We were advised to get enought rest for our stamina climbing up)

When it started getting too sunny, we ventured back down hill. Tackling the steeper declines on all fours and semi-sliding down, back again over the narrow branch bridge, through the jungle, clinging onto the rope for balance while on that stretch next to a ravine, jungle, then more jungle, then finally back to the oil palm plantation. Just on the opposite of the road, there is a RabbitFarm as we could smell the sensation of rabbit's natural compose matter hahaha

p/s: I personally felt it was the easiest hike ever with such breathtaking and relaxing view. wee~~

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Majlis Iftar Anjuran Warga PJS 9/16 NO 9

Majlis berbuka puasa + main bunga api sakan :)
ala2 pre-raya celebration pada 11 September 2009

P/S: agak2 tahun ni raya Enil dpt lg x duit raya??? huu

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Saya perlukan ketenangan ~~
Saya mahukan ketenangan ~~
Saya sentiasa dambakan ketenangan ~~
Ketenangan itu datang dari Ilahi ~~
Dia lah yang memberikan segalanya ~~
Apa yang saya mahukan, saya hanya perlu meminta-minta daripadaNYA sahaja dan strusnya berusaha kuat utk mendapatkan sesuatu~~
Saya bersyukur ~~
Ya Allah, berilah kesabaran kepada hati ini ~~
Kesabaran untuk sentiasa meraih ketenangan dariMU
Ketenangan yang bakal memberi kewarasan kepadaku utk berfikir secara rasional~~
Kerana diri ini sedar dgn kelemahan diri...~~
Terlampau lemah untuk bersendirian tanpaMu~~
Ku yakin kau sentiasa bersamaku dan memaafkan diri ini selagi kau buka pintu taubat untuk umat2 Mu~~
Allah dan Rasul sentiasa bersamaku~~
Alhamdullilah....Kau beri kesedaran ini kepadaku yA Tuhan~~
Ainil Hawa mahu meminta maaf kepada semua manusia yang mengenali diri ini~~
kerana dosa sesama manusia itu lagi sukar untuk dihapus melainkan dgn bermaafan sesama sendiri~~
Diri ini tidak mahu diazab kelak dan tidak mahu tercari-cari gerangan dgn siapa dri ini berdosa di Padang Mahsyar kelak~~ Maafkanlah diri ini...


p/s: ape la Enil ni...wat coretan muhasabah diri tapi lagu Britney masih terpasang...adehhh

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Organ Donation

JOHOR BAHRU 15 April - Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan menetapkan hukum pendermaan organ adalah diharuskan dalam keadaan darurat iaitu apabila diperlukan.Mufti Johor, Datuk Mohd. Tahrir Shamsudin berkata, fatwa tersebut menetapkan garis panduan tertentu yang mengharuskan pendermaan dilakukan dan ia berdasarkan keadaan penderma, sama ada masih hidup atau telah mati.

I've signed up with the National Donor Registry to donate all my organs and tissues~~ :) last year. I've owned the Malaysian Organ Donor card ( green-coloured card which shows the details what i request after my death).
This allows my organs and tissues to be used for transplantation after death. This will help save lives and this will be a gift of life to the recipient. By pledging my organs & tissues during lifetime, this may help change the lives of other who are suffering from organ failure or dysfunctional tissues. Thus, the chance to reduce the number of death caused by organ failure are btter & it will shorten the duration of waiting for an organ transplant.. :)

In Islamic view, organ transplant is encouraged as long as there is no other way of saving a patient’s life other than having transplantation. The procedure must not danger the donor’s life (if it’s a living donation) and it must be under the name of Allah S.W.T and not because of monetary, glamour or popularity reason. Organ, tissue and cells are not to be traded. The donation must acquire consent from the donor and it should not be forced upon.

You know what? ..??? The interesting things OF organ transplantation are:
  • Donor who donates TWO kidneys can save FOUR lives: tWO who receives the kidney and TWO more because now they have a place at dialysis centre that has been vacated by the TWO who just received a kidney transplant.
  • When someone donates a heart, lung and liver, THREE of FOUR more will get a chance to live longer.
  • Meanwhile With eye donation, it can save TWO blind men with a damaged cornea and bone donation can improve up to TWENTY to THIRTY lives of patients who need a bone graft transfer.
  • Although skin donation is not life saving but it is a life altering moment. The donated skin will be used to replace the damaged skin from burn patients. It helps with the healing and minimizes the risk infections.

I've developed this consciousness as I'm a Biotechnology student and I learnt about organs transplantation quite throughly...& after Epah asked me to join her and I got interested to sign up. My parents supported my decision and insyaAllah i'll take a good care of my health and organs as they gonna be useful for others later.

p/s:Lets sign up at : ----there is online registration.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Britney!! Britney and Britney Spears~~

Britney Spears : a hollywood star which always projected herself with controversial issues of her life. ... and she'd just say : OoPSS I DID IT AGAIN~~

I'm a big FAN of her!!~(woot..wwoot hysterically shouting her name :P huhu) Her songs are superb + high quality music + well-composed + entertaining and blabla~!!~ Which are so good and as I could sing along almost every single song of hers. hehe

She is an ultimate international pop icon and I kinda worship and respect her as she is gifted with such very talented + magical voice..

Hence, i put some of her songs to be shared and listened with others who visiting my blog..enjoy people :)

p/s: sape xsuke lagu britney, pause kan shj music widget tu ye..heee

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tayar Kereta Pecah

hurmmm asyik pasal mslh kereta shj sjak dua menjak ni lol ~~~~
tayar kanan bhgian depan pecah pada hari rabu 2/9/09 huhu
tayar pecah kira-kira jam 12.30 tghari di USJ (subang jaya goodyeart court 3) huuuu
bru pas blk dri USJ 14 tuk collect barang ... then on the way back the incident happened....
tayar pecah padahal tayar baru ganti la gak....huhu
xlanggar lubang or ape pun...tetapi xtau nape plak dia nk pecah..huuu :( dah qada' Tuhan~~ nak wat camne....

on that moment, i was driving dalam halaju yg xbrape la laju on the middle lane huhu
tetibe i felt that tayar rase xsedap mcm rase ade benjol kecil kt tayar and whenever the tayar touches the road, rase cam a slight anjakan and bunyi pelik.....hurmm I deccelerated down my vehicle AND suddenly an explosion sound heard....kuat la jugak...
Then my stering wheel rase susa nk navigate and rase cam nk terbabas pun ade..Immediately, I pegang stering firmly and I tried my best to pull my vehicle to the left lane of the road....walaupun da rase mcm the rim da mcm sentuh the ground pun huhu tapi for the sake of other road users safety..i have to pull it and nasib baik la kereta2 yg witnessed the incident slowed down and gave me space to pullover ke tepi... panic tau tyme tuh.... huwaaaa
da la sorg2 ni...then da la blur ttg how to handle vehicle when it brokedown hahaha
dlm hati da bedetik "OMG!! DAMN~~ this is not happening to me as this gonna became my 2nd tyme"
coz last year around january...tayar kete pecah gak as I hit a lubang coz the road was so dark and that night hujan lebat gler (i was barely see anything ahead lol)...sorg2 gak huhu

slps da berjaya menyadaikan my car ke tepi.....kuar and tgk keadaan tayar..mmg sgt terrrible da terkopek or terkupas lining tayar tuh...lapisan dalam da terbelah pun..pastu fiber shield dpn tayar tu da tercabot and berada di tgh2 jln raya..kereta yg lalu-lalang ran over it..huhu then i picked it up bile traffic dah reda....then I called my mama and she said that 'buat la mcm biase' haha... lantas la i got out from my car & took tools needed to jack up my car and took the spare tire to change up the tire on my own...(KONON)
then ade plak mamat indian yg lalu situ offer his help but i REJECTED him as he asked me to pay him certain amount after he get done nnti~ huhu pastu ade gak kereta ni pullover and kluar lgi 2 org mamat indian yg intended nk tolong..Tapi i geleng2 kepala dari jauh kt dorang signalised that i don't need their help...gagagaga coz cuak, berdebar & takot & xpercaya
Then i immediately masuk dlm kete blk and called Bob asking for help...sbb rase dia dok plg dekat ngn area ni and he probably tahu cri tempat ni...I also called Mr. glad he came to help out jugak dan i misinformed him with the directions, finally he managed gak sampai..hehe !~~ (wat muke senyum2 bahagia :P huhu)

Fuhh lega la bila Bob sampai ngn Rizzal dorg tolong la jack kete and tuka tayar...yg xbestnya..masa nk tuka tayar biase la...nk pulas & buka nat tayar tuh la ---was the hardest part and sgt time-consuming....sampai berpeluh2 la dorg nolong ..cian dorg....
lepas da tuka petronas kt depan summiit USJ tuk pump up angin ke dlm tayar spare ni coz tayar ni mmg kurg angin...da la tayar ni kecik jek huhu mmg bwk slow gler la mcm siput sedut.... i decided nk gi bengkel tayar tok tuka tayar bru cepat...tapi abah kate tnggu dlu...biar dia handle pasal tuh... rizzal kate: 'tayar pecah ni maybe sbb over-pressure..then tyme panas2 tgahari dia explode' ..hurrmm mybe kot coz beta slalu gak isi angin kalo nmpk pancit walaupun sedikit.... huhu
tu la~~~ beta adalah perempuan yg xtahu nk maintain kete sbenarnya..main hentam jek..dats why la kot jd cmni huhu cian kete ni
ni bile bwk kete ngn tayar spare yg kenit ni rase a bit imbalance la..dan xley la nk accelerate xpe segalanya da settled pun....alhamdullilah

keadaan tayar yg da pecah: truk kan??

pas ganti ngan spare tire: kecik jek cam tayar beskal

p/s: hurmm xpe la..Enil be happy k..nasib baik selamat..kul 3 pagi ni nak gi hike Broga hill ..xsabar nk sahur kt puncak ..hee

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