Thursday, September 17, 2009

Broga Hill

O00Oh my, does this photo look like some place in Malaysia? No right.. I’m beginning to discover that some areas around rural Semenyih truly look foreign. iT looks like straight out of a storybook. Don't you think??? :)

"Take nothing but photographs!. Leave nothing but footsteps!"

Another hiking trip organized by MWAC which I had joined.. We had planned to have our sahur and see sunrise at the top of the hill. However we just managed to sahur and snacking in the bus and during our time climbing up. We made our way uphill with the help of our torch lights and headlamps, we finally reached the top at about 6.00 am in the morn..and we setlled to pray Subuh.
The trek could be graded as easy and the views from the hill tops were nothing less than fantastic. iT took just 45 minutes or less to the top . The trail is quite slippery as it was just raining and the gradient is quite steep. Once at the hilltop, we merely followed the vaguely visible path that cuts through the tall lalang downhill to get to another peak. We waited for sunrise to come but..... There was NO sunrise!! as it was windy and cool up there, it took a while before I acclimatised and started thinking & smiling again. hahaha

Then we just basking in the soft sunlight. Some of our colleagues capturing the beautiful early morning glow on our faces, (haha gler comel) with lush green grass and a strip of blue sky in the background. The view from the tophill : on left side is Broga Town and right side Nottingham University Campus view . I perched a top a rock and took a nap on it..hehe coz i was so sleepy as I haven't sleep before the trip. (We were advised to get enought rest for our stamina climbing up)

When it started getting too sunny, we ventured back down hill. Tackling the steeper declines on all fours and semi-sliding down, back again over the narrow branch bridge, through the jungle, clinging onto the rope for balance while on that stretch next to a ravine, jungle, then more jungle, then finally back to the oil palm plantation. Just on the opposite of the road, there is a RabbitFarm as we could smell the sensation of rabbit's natural compose matter hahaha

p/s: I personally felt it was the easiest hike ever with such breathtaking and relaxing view. wee~~

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