Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Organ Donation

JOHOR BAHRU 15 April - Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan menetapkan hukum pendermaan organ adalah diharuskan dalam keadaan darurat iaitu apabila diperlukan.Mufti Johor, Datuk Mohd. Tahrir Shamsudin berkata, fatwa tersebut menetapkan garis panduan tertentu yang mengharuskan pendermaan dilakukan dan ia berdasarkan keadaan penderma, sama ada masih hidup atau telah mati.

I've signed up with the National Donor Registry to donate all my organs and tissues~~ :) last year. I've owned the Malaysian Organ Donor card ( green-coloured card which shows the details what i request after my death).
This allows my organs and tissues to be used for transplantation after death. This will help save lives and this will be a gift of life to the recipient. By pledging my organs & tissues during lifetime, this may help change the lives of other who are suffering from organ failure or dysfunctional tissues. Thus, the chance to reduce the number of death caused by organ failure are btter & it will shorten the duration of waiting for an organ transplant.. :)

In Islamic view, organ transplant is encouraged as long as there is no other way of saving a patient’s life other than having transplantation. The procedure must not danger the donor’s life (if it’s a living donation) and it must be under the name of Allah S.W.T and not because of monetary, glamour or popularity reason. Organ, tissue and cells are not to be traded. The donation must acquire consent from the donor and it should not be forced upon.

You know what? ..??? The interesting things OF organ transplantation are:
  • Donor who donates TWO kidneys can save FOUR lives: tWO who receives the kidney and TWO more because now they have a place at dialysis centre that has been vacated by the TWO who just received a kidney transplant.
  • When someone donates a heart, lung and liver, THREE of FOUR more will get a chance to live longer.
  • Meanwhile With eye donation, it can save TWO blind men with a damaged cornea and bone donation can improve up to TWENTY to THIRTY lives of patients who need a bone graft transfer.
  • Although skin donation is not life saving but it is a life altering moment. The donated skin will be used to replace the damaged skin from burn patients. It helps with the healing and minimizes the risk infections.

I've developed this consciousness as I'm a Biotechnology student and I learnt about organs transplantation quite throughly...& after Epah asked me to join her and I got interested to sign up. My parents supported my decision and insyaAllah i'll take a good care of my health and organs as they gonna be useful for others later.

p/s:Lets sign up at : ----there is online registration.


  1. wow...:) menarik... ainil, awk mntk permission ur parents x b4 u sign up??..nnt da kawen if ur hsbnd x bg mcm mana??..

  2. husband??? huhu
    beta mls nk kawen la camtu hahahahaha
    i don't live to please anyone...

  3. Ibubapa dan suami mana boleh kacau. ini hak persendirian. Saya rasa tak perlu mintak kebenaran dari siapa-siapa pun untuk menderma hak kita sendiri. Just need to inform them so that they'll not be in shock when someone claimed your organ. Betulkan?



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