Friday, October 9, 2009

After Biotechnology can i go for Geology next??? (day dreaming)

i've already planned to pursue my MASTER DEGREE of Biotechnology abroad after my DEGREE studies finish..but then i've turned greedy to take GEOLOGY course....however I got to start the course from the DEGREE geology is an engineering course lol.... and i definitely cant just simply take master studies in geology as it totally different from my 1st DEGREE course....excluding the chemistry part...
i love geology so much ( i think so) coz i remembered when i was in lower secondary school in MRSM Kuala Klawang....i learnt geography and i used to scored the subject very well :P (haha poyo) slalu la gak dpt highest kt dlm klas dlu :P gagagaga
masa tuh rse excited gler sbb dpt beat my classmate yg slalu jd 1st ranker for my batch....geografi pun jd la~~~ kikiki
kt skola rendah dlu sgt big freak ngn subject kajian tempatan :)
so...i hope this will be the stepping stone for me to try out my potential in geology or geophysic next...
rase2 University of Melbourne offering this chanthek la....
i'll use up the education money which my parents saved for me for my future undertake (just like SSPN but this is under an insurance company scheme). hurmm i dont really have the feeling of working in industry after my degree coz i really wanna grab this or my master 1st...
pray for me :)

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  1. Geologi?.. Biar betul.. Jauh lari.. Geology courses ade yg engineering ade yg tak..



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