Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Break out!!

i miss my skin complexion during last hari raya as now i've developed some acnes and zits on my face :((
i need to consult a dermatologist: dr. ruban nathan in pusat damansara....
and good news!!! mybe i can try ACCUTANE to stop any acne break out forever!!
dats why i need to see the dermatologist 1st as this drug can only be taken under his prescription...

i've been informed by my friend, acne will develop obnoxiously in the 1st-4th weeks of transformation period as it detoxify everything 1st then later it will start taking effects ....
depends on the severity of the skin condition, the period of transformation will be different...
and commonly people with serious skin problem (cystic acne) took much longer period (approximately 6-7 months) to get the perfect skin (seriously!! smooth like a baby!!!) i've saw one!!! like porcelain ~~

hmmm any drug has its own side effects ..and ACCUTANE (Isotretinoin) itself will make ur skin & lips so dry dry as it reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin, and helps your skin renew itself more quickly. What impressed me the most was the final outcome!!! if u got such a deep acne scar on ur will fade and your skin is like re-generating ...whole body package!!
and i bet i just need ACCUTANE routine for mybe 3 months or less as my skin is not that serious...and i just can't wait to see the final result...hope it would be so berbaloi-baloi!! after i invest my money for this....

for the sake of perfect skin!! i really need it!!

p/s: sorry for any grammatical error ye!! ahaks


  1. may you get the skin u hoped for.. But when it happens, please don't push me away.. ahaks..:)..

  2. hi stumbled upon ur blog when searching about accutane...just started taking it today...wondering how it works for you? do u feel any side effects? pls reply me at later i couldn't get ur reply here...



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