Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another poem

We are all part of a complex plan in which each temperament when functioning properly, will fit into right place and unite to form an exciting and balanced picture. Well, I found a person who I assume to be my buffering agent whenever I'm losing my nerves. i CREATED a poem.... dedicated to someone special:

YOU are a person who does not offend, does not call attention to yourself and quietly does what is expected. without looking for credit.

You always calm, slow to anger, in control under stress, never impulsive, logical, reliable, loyal and patient.

You do not set goals for others, no self-improvement for others.....because you accept people just as they are. You don't criticize and this manner contented everyone.

You always have unemotional logics which reduce tense situation and you handle it with only few soft words.

Your meek and quiet spirit is so pleasant to be around with.
Your dry humor is entertaining.
You are the person who always laying plans and you fit into any slot you was dropped in.

This most admirable trait is your ability to stay put in the eye of a storm.
You rides cool and quietly in the right direction. Emotion does not overwhelm you, anger does not enter your heart.

You never got upset with my impatience and vicissitude.
You hummed softly all the way back home.

You are inoffensive and steady in nature. When my eyes were bulging out of my head with pressure, you always coax me to calm down :)

You are well- balanced for me...

What I like best about you?????
Well, I guess all of yourself, because nothing much stands out......Thats why I like you.

p/s: hey2 you..hope you like it. I love you ....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am busy ..I have no time for myself

I am intuitive
sometimes rational
sometimes logical
yet emotional
I wanna be more rational
I am busy
I want to socialize
go out
do outdoor again...
I want to be able to fly again
I desire to be free
Or do a new hobby
the inexpensive hobby

How about music?? To sooth my hectic life?
I've tried guitar..however I can't play well...
I'm not gifted..
aiyarkkk...and no where in the hell I'll play it again

Sunday, December 12, 2010



1. WAJIB FOLLOW: my blog ok &
sebab. bukan sab sorng jek yang akan judge pic korang.
and senang ntuk korang tau perkembangan contest ni.
mungkin akan di pos di blog sab or cik mok.
mane yang dah follow blog sab, follow cik mok jugak k
and yng bru nk follow. follow dua2. huhu.

2. mesti ade blog dan berstatus warganegara MALAYSIA.
(blogger only)

3. kaum bebas. agama bebas. jantina pun bebas. hee

4. story sedikit about korang punye picture tuh.
tak kisah la korang picture sorang or ramai2 dgn kawan.
tapi..if ramai. mesti semua pakai shades ok!

5. maximum only two picture korang bagi. but only 1 picture akan di pilih.

6. haa..jangan lupe amik banner kat atas nie. letak kat
sidebar korang and link kat banner ke blog ni ok!

7. tag kan kepada blogger aktif ok!
min korang kena tag 4 blogger. tapi lagi ramai.
lagi bgus kan. tag banyak2. huhu.

8. dah join. plz..leave ur komen with ur link skali di blog ini.
and sab and cik mok akan terjah blog korang ok
ntuk pastikan korang penuhi syarat2 yang di tetapkan.

9. tarikh tutup contest ni pada 15 dec 2010
so,korang bayak mase lagi nak buat tau!

10. hadiah? mystery gift from me and cik mok.
dnt wry. kami tak kan hampakan anda.

tag kpd:

p/s: pasni nil nk wat contest gak la...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aku Suka Taman

Adelaide city park:

Taman ini terletak di Victoria Square di Adelaide, Australia. Taman ini terletak di tengah bandar Adelaide. Gambar ini diambil pada musim sejuk sekitar bulan Julai. Kawasan ini juga menempatkan tugu, kolam dan air pancut yang menarik. Taman ini lazim diadakan Malaysian Festival anjuran pelajar Malaysia di sini. Taman inilah titik pertemuan rakyat Malaysia di sini yang berbilang kaum berkumpul menikmati jamuan dan persembahan menarik di sini... memang istimewa! :)
Pemandangan yang menarik di sini menjadi tumpuan para pelancong merakamkan kenangan mereka di sini.

3 Perkara BEST yang anda dapat kat Blog Kiz Garden:

1) Banner blog yang menarik and eye-catching..kreatif sgt..terpegun saya tgk hehe
2) Entry-sarat dengan contest dan hadiah yg menarik hati..ade potensi jd top blogger ni
3) Bole cuci mata sbb dorg ade blogshop.... mcm2 ade kt KizHanie Misc shop ni..hehe

p/s: this is my 1st time joining contest :)
wish me luck

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm In love!!

Haha tipu!! I'm in love with my own voice :P hahaha
At last...I can sing Afgan's song as my voice is quite big
Think so hahaha
I'm so into Afgan's songs!!
As for low tone song, I just manage to sing Everytime from Britney Spears each time I went karaoke

Today, Blogging in English
Learned new things from career training... To master in LANGUAGE, u need to think and self-monologue to yourself in that language too..Therefore, I've made a poem to motivate myself:

I'm a ignoramus
The world is full of perplexities, puzzlements and peculiarities, all just begging to be explained and resolved.
At this moment.. I just need something or someone who can entertain and enlighten me...
Yes I'm in love....
Love had driven to move forward, to strive the world, to get thru hardships and calamities...

Thats it!!! haha
Less is more right??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anda sering mengambil panadol atau paracetamol?? ini ade solution untuk mengurangkan effect dadah ini thdp hati anda..

Pengambilan painkiller seperti paracetamol atau aspirin adalah satu perkara lazim bagi pesakit migrain/meredakan sakit2 biasa atau sakit kepala ringan dan sebagainya...
Tahukah anda?? pengambilan yg kerap dan berlebihan daripada dosage biase iaitu 30 biji 500mg paracetamol dalam 24 jam bole menyebabkan paracetamol hepatoxicity (liver damage). Paracetamol adelah sejenis dadah yg sgt powerful dan sgt toxic kepada sesetengah mamalia seperti kucing kerana kucing tidak mempuanyi sejenis enzim untuk break down paracetamol...Manusia mempunyai enzim khusus tuk break down paracteamol yg terletak di organ hati...dosage tuk 500 mg tuk sebiji pil sbenarnya sudah sgt tggi apatah lg pengambilan dua biji paracetamol (iaitu 1000 mg)
Organ hati perlu berkerja keras untuk menyahtoksikkan paracetamol, dan paracetamol yg berlebihan adelah racun kepada hati. Dan pengambilan yg sedikit tapi kerap juga dikhuatiri akan mengundang bahaya kepada organ hati kerana sedikit2 lama2 jadi bukit (accumulation within liver).

Oleh itu, antidote yg paling baik adalah glutathione yg akan re-generate body system kite untuk menghalang kerosakan hati seterusnya mencegah paracteamol daripada merosakkan organ hati anda...

Di mana mahu cari glutathione?? approved by KKM ...xde lgsg negative side effect
Klik link di bawah:

dengan setiap pembelian sekotak KB atau gluta prime...
anda akan menerima free gift istimewa..

Friday, November 12, 2010

Military scientist

I've thought about my future career and I wish I'll be one of these:
1. Military scientist (I have to join armed forces and pick Biomarine or Defense Technology)
2. Pharmaceutical biotechnologist (inventing drugs/antibiotics/medications)
3. Iron-woman :P (by joining ironman competition- this is for myself!!)
4. Cosmeceutical biotechnologist (making breakthroughs in scars healing)....

either one or everything!!!!huhu sounds impossible rite? have to work my ass really hard for these lol..

Pray for me..... still working on it.. still materializing my dreams in order to helping human race..because a young scientist is much powerful than 20 politicians..

Let me tell you what scientist do :
for instance: (from what I had studied in my degree course):
Scientist breed goats that produce spider silk (known as SPIDER-GOAT)
These goats produce spider silk protein in their milk (spider silk fiber).
This fiber is strong, elastic and so beneficial for medical uses as for making artificial ligaments, tendons, eye suture and jaw repair. The most magnificent way is making them into bulletproof vests for armed forces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: my mum always said..tlg la acting mcm pmpn ckit bile dok umah....hehe sebenarnya nil ni tomboy gak tau (i've been one till 13 years old - sampai doctor asserted me as a hyperactive + aggressive kid)
Now, I'm way much different....Now , I'm quite good in concealing my true-self kot
skang org tgk gaya pun cam xseswai jek jadi askar haha
xpe la..biaq pi la org nk ckp ape, as i'm already a soldier and a fighter to my own self
xpe la..jadi civilian pun ok but still working for military huhu sbb my dad is already an army officer (I've got the overview from him)
wanna be more masculine yet feminine ..cmne tuh?? huhu
join armed force la! haha

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Janganlah pakai GARNIER lagi -BAHAYA

too bad i've remove the e-mail from Chris Gibson...kalo x, bole tunjukkan buktinya kt korg sume huhuhuhu!!!
tapi ini nasihat saya
(nasihaT jek-klo xnk ikut pun xpe peace) tp i'm concern bout skin health of you .....PEOPLE!! pttla slogan dia TAKE CARE...rupenya u really have to put so much care before using it pun!! aiyakk

OK!! this is my advice based on my readings and what i've learned and studied.....
GARNIER products are not really good to our skin...termsuklah hair products of GARNIER
tapi produk2 GARNIER yg we usually apply on our skin (yg ade duta favret kite kt TV tuh-i like fahrin n lisa :P) yeah it looks good and affordable kan?? TAPI produk ini
adelah unsafe tuk skin kite!!! kenape??

1. contain chemical ingredients which is harmful to your skin- different country allow different chemical ingredients to be used in and admitted into their country, so produk2 GARNIER ni kandungannnya slalu akan di-modified mengikut requirement setiap negara.
cthnya: GARNIER fructis: in certain countries it contains methyisothiasoline... That stuff has just recently been banned in some european countries for having REALLY bad effects on pregnant women. It's supposed to increase shelf life for shampoo.----bau je berbahaya uolsss~~~!!!

2. dan ade byk lagi chemical ingredients mcm sulohate and phosphorous yg menyebabkan kulit sensitif akan jadi lagi truk -sorry! most people dont know that these store products are bad and contain harmful chemicals but by adding baking soda it can help a little and it cleans your and make it sqeeky clean for a fresh start from all those nasty oils and chemicals in your hair. bukan itu sahaja, ade metal ingredients dlmnya which is really2 bad and a BIG NO !!!

seriously lupe nk save file and nama main chemicals tuh tuk tatapan/rujukan anda........ sorry again
dan sesetengah org xjadi ape2 pun bile pkai GARNIER....this is becoz different people has different skin don't waste your money....and damage your skin/hair
slalunya dermatologist kalo tgk ingredients kt sebarang cosmeceutical products, dorg da ley tahu da which is safe and unsafe for society..

p/s: DR.MURAD pun xley pkai...berhati2 lah dgn sebarang produk yg anda guna...pastikan approved by KKM
lg2 produk pemutih keluaran tempatan yg byk skang ni..huhuhu
nak kulit cantik??? gunalah produk yg diperbuat drp bhan2 organik....setidaknya, gunalah petua2 lama tuk jaga muka
cthnya: nk hapuskan jerawat and kurangkan parut: buatlah mask drp sap aloe vera + madu asli....
madu adelah antioxidant dan ade anti-microbial properties
madu mmpu menanggalkan sel2 mati dan membuang bacteria pada wajah...
aloe vera - adelah THE FRUIT OF THE EARTH- mempunyai healing properties yg kuat seperti gamat dan jgn lupe bace bismillah
slmt mencuba!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gigi Bongsu

Seriously!!! Its like watching child birth!! when u watching wisdom tooth extraction video!!..awuuuu
nil akan tgk or cri2 info ttg sesuatu dlu sblm gi buat sesuatu
so skang ni ngan sakit giler gigi geraham bongsu yg tumbuh senget kt blkg ni huhu

excruciatingly painful da ni...sakit woo sampai rse susa da nk tdo ....sakit dia sampai membantutkan sume kerja dan pemikiran huhu rse nk demam, sakit kepala...sakit gigi ni ley effect saraf mata tau kalo xdirawat...
sakit woo..mkn painkiller pun kejap jek effect dia.hhuhu dan xsuke mkn painkiller or drugs ni melainkan kalo la da melampau2 sakit sbb xmo organ hati saya berkerja keras detoxify pe yg ptt....
hmm nk mkn pun da xde slera
ainil pkai braces (da nak buka beberapa hari lagi -insyaAllah) at the same time gigi bongsu juga da tumbuh tp had been impacted by the other teeth sbb pkai braces...dlu nk pkai braces pun da cabut 4 btg rse i can hold the pain kot for this coming minor surgery
removal of wisdom tooth ni lain ckit dr cbut gigi biase sbb dentist akan potong gusi ckit tuk keluarkn n potong keluar gigi bongsu n akarnya.... harap2 la dentist kasi bius byk ckit hehehe

cth image gigi bongsu tumbuh senget

lg pndapat nil la.....nil suke dentist lelaki tlg cabut gigi sbb dorg ni kuat mencabut..skali rentap jek da tercabut hehehe..(pendapat ok! bkn gatal!) xsakit sgt.... well it depends juga..ikut naseb sbb ade kwn merungut dpt dentist pmpn , dentist tuh soh dia bertenang padahal dentist tu yg xley bertenang sbb xdpt2 cabut gigi dia dri tadi ..hehehehhe....tgn dia xckup kuat merentap gigi tu keluar katenya (si pesakit la) kesian dia merana
tapi cabut gigi bongsu xperlu kot aksi merentap sbb just boley cut skit gusi and bole trus cari mane akarnya..dan gusi akan dijahit semula......itulah manusia..mmg la trsgt complex..tenx to technologies hehe

p/s: sakit ni..ngilu sgt ..nk gi dentist arini kul 7 pagi hehehe
bersemangat ...geram ngn gigi bongsu kiri ni....hehehe
kasi cabut sama dia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I rather have best guy friends :



  • No drama.
  • They wouldn’t spread my secrets.
  • They consider me as a sister.
  • They protect me.
  • They can intro me the their friends.
  • They don’t hit on the guys I find hot/cute.
  • They are good listeners.
  • They give good advice.

p/s: that's why i rather have them rather than having a boyfriend hehe
they are so sensible, smart n talented.
i would miss them after masing2 da ke haluan masing2 dgn kerjaya masing2
at the mean time!! masing2 pun lom bekerja lg hauhau :P
they've gained my parents trust
and we still manage to menjaga pergaulan

mereka lah hulubalang2 beta

Saturday, October 23, 2010


lps minum caffeinated -mcm coffee
my adrenal glands are weak
mmg xbiase pun minum coffee
dan xsuke minum air manis
lps minum berjaga lebey dr 7 jam...
kdg2 pula immune walaupun da minum secawan
stil bole tdo dgn nyenyak
system da xbtol
sgt diuretic!! asyik ke tndas jek
da xnk minum 3 in 1 coffee
mahupun 6 in 1 drinks lg!!
mental activities sgt dasyat skang ni!!
compensate dgn byk minum air......
stil pening walaupun da telan paracetamol
regultation CNS da xbtol!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WAHAI RAKAN2 BLOGGER ...nk minta tlg bole???

to all facebook users!!!!

Help my friend to win this "Like & Win" photo contest by simply clicking on the "like" option on this photo. Thank you friends.. but you have to "like" first for you to be eligible for voting.. And you'll get a 20 hengget gift voucher from the shop.. thanks again!

Please vote for him:)
you're votes may help him ease the burdens of being a student..
thank you reaaaaaaaaally appreciate it!

Please make sure u cast ur vote on this photo ok:

p/s: sje tlg2 kwn!promote....kalo dia menang, dpt la kena blanja..x gitu peos?? miahahaha

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Terjumpe pic lama!

cube teka yg mana satu saya??
pic bersama2 dua pupu

Monday, October 11, 2010

Victor Harbour...

lapa giler time ni..hehe
xpandang kanan kiri da heee

p/s: konon nk whale watching kt cni
tggu punya tggu,sekor whale pun xmuncul, small penguin pun xkuar huhu
bkn musim dia rupenya! sejuk gler angin pantai di sini..berguna juge lelemak daku ini hehe

Friday, October 8, 2010


I had a nightmare last nite
It is too confidential to be revealed
I nearly cried after woke up from the terrible dream
My God..the image was hmmm scary!!
Tapi bilang rakan2 ku
Tuh petanda nil akan kawen awl
Oh benar???
Nil xgatal tau
Klo gatal pun garu sdri tau
hmm bnci2
malu arrrrrrr cmni!!!!takut pun ade
mati!mati aku! (sambil lari pusing2 bilik)

muka ni kawen awl?? pigirah!!

p/s: korg share dlu ape nightmare paling bruk korg pnh dpt?? bru la nil akan bgtau nnti!! hehe

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Perhatian!!! Untuk Sesiapa SAhaja Yang Mahu Kulit Yang Lebih Cerah, Licin dan Gebu

Memandangkan ramai yg menunjukkan minat mahu tahu ape yg saya guna untuk menjaga kesihatan kulit dan keseluruhan sistem tubuh, di sini saya mahu berkongsi rahsia PHARMACEUTICAL product yg saya sgt obses daripada tahun lepas iaitu GLUTHATHIONE
memandangkan saya ni biotechnologist dan berangan nk cipta bnda2 cmni juga (aiyo berangan!), saya rase saya aware ttg bnda2 mcm ni
dan sememangnya overdosage of these pils is not harmful.
dan sebelum menggunakan produk2 ini, saya tahu gluthathione digunakan oleh pesakit2 cancer yg menjalani chemotheraphy tuk mengembalikan hair growth mereka dan lain2..
saya telah mencuba KB sejak December 2009 dan ternyata hasilnya terserlah kurang dari 3 bulan dan saya masih setia mengamalkannya sehingga kini...
dulu kulit saya tidaklah selicin dan flawless seperti sekarang
jerawat pun segan nk hinggap, bulu mata saya pun semakin lebat dan rambut terlampau lebat mcm overgrowth pun ade :P hehe
ni lagi powerful dari collagen la...sbb dia re-generate new dividing cell dan facilitate the growth of fast growing cell mcm rambut dan lain2.
kalo saya luka pun, luka saya cpt sembuh :)
btol!! xtipu!!
dan lagi satu effect dia bkn sekadar nmpk pada warna dan kesihatan kulit shj, malah pada keseluruhan kesihatan saya
investment yg sgt berbaloi2 la
mcm wonder pils la bg saya hehehe
saya sering mendapat supply dari mak cik saya yg sgt 'beauty conscious' hehe
sejak itu, saya stop mkn collagen sbb collagen is the most abundant protein in the world, so saya ley dpt collagen drp mknan saya sahaja
terutama soya yg kaya dgn natural collagen & estrogen.

ini adalah descriptions ttg produk2 tersebut (DIJAMIN HALAL):

(Glutathione 500mg + NAC Dengan Pure Rosehip Vitamin C 500mg)

Glutathione ialah pil serbuk mutiara dan dikenali sebagai “mother of all anti oxidants”. NAC (N-Acethyl L-Cysteine) ditambah ke dalam KB untuk memaksimakan penyerapan.

Kebaikan Glutathione :
· Merawat masalah haid tidak normal & menambah kuantiti sperma lelaki
· Merawat simptom saraf seperti parkinson, alzhemeir, stroke & kanak2 autism.
· merawat gejala berkaitan paru2 seperti lelah, radang paru2 & emphysema
· merawat masalah hati (menyahtoksin nikotin, alkohol)
· keletihan melampau, katarak & masalah mata, diabetes, darah tinggi
· melindungi jantung & merawat kolestrol
· melambatkan penuaan, meningkat system imun, merawat rambut gugur dll
· ajen ketahanan badan dan anti tumor
· Jawapan kepada masalah kulit....pencerahan keseluruhan, jerawat, jeragat/pigmen, membantu masalah kulit sensitif, menambah kolagen, membaiki DNA, awet muda dll....

"Berapa lama nampak kesan kulit kecerahan?"
  • Light-medium brown skin: 1-3 months
  • Dark brown skin: 3-6 months
  • Very dark skin: 6-12 months
  • Black skin: 18 months minimum and above
Pure Rosehips Vitamin C mengandungi 10-100 kali vitamin C biasa.
Produk Istimewa memutihkan kulit & meningkatkan daya kesihatan




Gluta White: TOP 3 AsianWhiteSkin Whitening Produk
Lebih Hebat! Diperbaharui dengan kandungan Glutathione grade AAA. Dipertingkatkan dari White L-Glutathione.
GLUTA PRIME GSH mengandungi kombinasi yang lebih hebat dari bahan terpilih yang terbaik.
L-Glutathione dengan Lipoic Alpha Acis & Vitamin @ (Natrium Ascorbate). 1000mg /capsule, 60 capsule setiap botol.
GLUTA PRIME GSH berkesan sebagai;

-Agen pemutihan kulit
Gluta prime berperanan untuk menukarkan eumelanine atau pigmentasi gelap kepada phaeomelanin atau pigment yang lebih cerah. Eumelanin yang menyebabkan kulit gelap terjadi secara semulajadi, glutathione yang berkualiti pula berperanan menukarkannya kepada phaeomelanin yang membuatkan kulit lebih cerah hari demi hari.

-Agen Anti-Penuaan
Diperlukan dalam pemecahan lemak oxidized dan dalam metabolism karbohidrat. Jika glutathione dalam badan tidak mencukupi keperluan, sel akan cepat mati dan membuatkan sesetengah orang kelihatan lebih tua dari usia dan terdedah kepada toksin yang boleh menyebabkan kanser.

-Agen Penyahtoksin/Anti-Oksidan
Gluta Prime berperanan sebagai anti-toksin yang menghalang radikal bebas didalam tubuh. Glutathione bertugas untuk memproses toksin di dalam badan agar dapat dikumuhkan dengan mudah dari badan.

P/S: kalo da mkn KB, jgn mkn supplement Vit. C yang lain sbb takut overdosage Vit. C pula..Vit. C berlebihan bole menjadi penyebab kpd kidney stone (batu karang) ..ckuplah dgn mengamalkan pengambilan lebih sayuran dan buahan sebagai sumber Vit. C.. dan minum la air sekurang2nya 3 liter sehari .. dan bagi sayalah, kalo nk radiant skin, bukan sekadar guna cream produk (external jek), kena supplement dgn ape yg kite mkn juga :)

SESUAI TUK SEMUA ORG :), dijamin selamat, kwn2 lelaki pun ade yg da cube :)

berminat mahu membeli?? sila email saya di

(akan ade agen yg uruskan tuk saya-sekian )

Sunday, October 3, 2010

choc + peanut can cause ACNE!!!

sdpnya choc peanut butter cake ni!!

For me, eating peanut does cause acne. I've tested it lately on myself over n over again. But everyone's skin and levels of tolerance is different. So if you feel it causes acne to you. You should consider stop eating it. I've already stop eating peanut butter!! However I still can't resist chocs!!! arhhh no! Therefore, I've compensated the eating of choc+ peanut by drinking a lot of water (more than 3 liters per day). Tapi!! kalo gi makan kt Max Brenner atau Copenhagen (choc cafe) ke..mcm mana nk skip mkn choc????haihhh
My friend's dermatologist asked her to stop eating choc and peanut in order to reduce her flaring of acne..Thus choc which added with milk and other ingredients can cause acne..peanut contains high calorie and aflatoxins also can cause acne!!
Hmm xbole la mkn choc cake sgt cmni pasni..
xbole mkn sambal kacang sgt
kalo xnk acne breakouts!! kena la tahan kan?? hee

patutla mama larang myself from eating peanuts sejak kecil
my mum sgt la tnggi tahap beauty conscious ni
sbb dia slalu ckp nnti jerawat tumbuh

p/s: lepas wat testing eating peanut on a daily basis as a snack, I am no longer tempted to grab a few peanuts in-between meals or have them as an after-dinner snack!!!!!!!!!!

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