Sunday, January 31, 2010

i love this!! check this out !!

Friday, January 29, 2010


blk umah sperti biase...mandi... bsuh bju then solat then facebooking
arini kemas wardrobe n tgk my board:

(serabot kan?)

then terbaca blk ttg my promises to my parents tuk blaja dgn cemerlang + dpt 1st class degree dan jadi saintis yg berguna pd mse akan datang huhu
dok blaja kt monash ni dgn subjects yg super killer adalah mencabar sesgt tuk dpt semua HD (high distinction) :((
siyesly!! pnh rse nk muntah tgk tulisan2 kt buku n kertas sbb terlampau lama dok stadi sampai xdpt gi mane pun(it was last sem which i had studied for 5 weeks non-stop!!)
tetapi!! ainil berazam tuk my last sem ni..akan wat yg baik sehabis baik!! semahu2-nya !! berhempas pulaS!!! nkk smbg wat master pulakkk!!!

p/s: SELINGAN :beberapa hari yg lps ade bce buku ttg fadhilat solat sunat, kalo nk MANIS MUKA, tunaikan tiap2 hari solat sunat wuduk, kalo nk PENGASIH lak solat sunat witir slps isyak dan mahu MURAH REZKI tunaikan solat dhuha tiap pg :)
sejak itu, hari2 pun ainil cube untuk xtinggalkan..yakin & twakal pd Allah :) ..nak ape pun...minta kpd DIA sahaja :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

haaa amik ko !!`

mlm ni pas blk keje gi melantak 4 keping roti (bersamaan dua pinggan nasi) ngn sambal ikan bilis mama buat (bekalan tuk keje td) mcm kebuluran pun ade
punya bls dendam tuh adehhh
abes hancus diet kuuu
siang td mkn nasi jek time pg then ptg2 membaham 2 biji epal~~
ohh keje!! makin hari kekdg makin bersemangat..kdg2 makin mls (kalo ade jerawat tumbuh, trus xde mood nk gi :p)
obnoxious btol ainil ni!! huhu
lg ckit je ainil 48 kg..chaiyok

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


diagnosis of bone cancer can be devastating for a patient and it is difficult to treat for many doctors. to watch ur love one's DYING because of it is so heartbreaking for me....hati ini sdey..i've never encounter this terminal stage before..
it was out of my big imagination as the person was doing fine and living such an active lifestyle...
what sadden me the most is that fella refused to undergo chemotherapy... then?? how to stop the cancer from invading other tissues???
and everytime i chat with this fella, actually i cant hold my tears & pretended strong right in front of this fella.. OMG...this is so weakening me...i have to be strong as this fella is very strong and already a fighter....
sometimes, when the conversation goes into DEATH topic (this very person always started it)..i will automatically became mute and looked down..i cant see into the eyes..the eyes which i always miss and i'm indeed still need / wanting hard for this fella to live.the existence of this person as my fren and my faithful helper in many maladies & obstacles of life, had made me wanting this person badly to stay alive for me...
YA ALLAH..please prolong the life of this fella

Illustration of osteosarcoma

(osteosarcoma-develops in growing bones, usually between ages 10 and 25)

those cancerous tissues had weakened the bones and can cause fracture...
hmm no wonder this person often having many weird symptoms of continuous fever, night sweats n chills... and this fella is indeed need supervision in every movement to prevent from falling or unexpected accidents...
ohh little heart..please be tough...Allah always with u...
doc can't help BUT ALLAH can!!~

I've already made my own research on treatments and drugs which can subside and entirely eradicate this...
instead of chemo, surgery and amputation, Canabidiol (cannabis)
powerful herbs (marijuana) ---can cure cancer entirely including leukaemia
however it so damn costly and it is not planted everywhere loll
only Mexico legalized the use of it...and were widely banned by many countries

in my opinion, cancerous tissues (especially malignant) within our body are so deadly and they multiply rapidly..they progress in silence and bone cancer is totally RARE case and usually attacking teens and dogs...huhu

as a future scientist, i really2 looking forward in inventing useful drugs/treatments to encounter cancer problems.. need to create a brand new drugs which is super safe and has no harmful side effects to stop or thwart the division of cancerous cell..May Allah help me and help everyone who suffering from cancers...

YA ALLAH...Kau lebih mengetahui apa yg aku xtahu...aku redha dgn dugaan ini

p/s: i can't mention the name and the gender as the person will get really2 piss off..

Monday, January 25, 2010

i'm indeed need to be more patient

bila pg td gi keje then cari parking xdpt + xsampai sejam gi blk kt kete tuk anta kete ke rumah n bercadang berjalan kaki di bawah mentari nan terik dan kembali semula ke tmpt keje, tgk2 jek da dpt surat saman kompaun RM80 dr MPSJ (tapi kalo byr awl dpt potongan byk).. hmm sbr je la..da la tgh sengkek sbb da ujung2 bulan ni..then blk umah lak...jari manis tgn kiri tersepit kt tgkap sbb lupe bwk kunci coz try buka tgkap yg berat tuh tuk pggil intan..huuu soh buka pintu..huuu
adehhh da berbeku ler darah dlm kuku ni..cmne nk kuarkan darah ni ek?? ade cadangan???
sabar je la..dugaan
seterusnya bile sampai rumah keadaan adalah sgt bingit sbb jiran sblh tgh wat renovation drilling sana sni sampai bergegar blik daku huhuhu
trase kepala ni pun bergegar skali dlm skala richter 5 gtew
huuu (sabar ye enil~)

xmo duk bndar!! :((
lg2 bandar sunway yg puaka ni!!!huhu
(nama pun dunia kn?)

sok gonna be my off day..byk bnda nk kna settle :((
tpksa la postpone byr saman nex wik huhuhu
bnci2 (haha xnk mengaku salah parking kt tepi jln jek bkn kt petak parking sbb ngikut byk kete buat cmtu huhuhu )
rs dlm hati ni mmg marah sgt2 with my own ni kan dunia, Allah sentiase menduga kite..
redha saje , ade hikmahnya

Thursday, January 21, 2010


i had watched this movie twice including the 3D ...
hmm weirdo???
i think the movie is awesome..super2 cool
tenx to my besties !! i had a great day

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settling down????

For twenty plus years (22 years hehe :P...a bit of exaggeration there) I had longed to hmmmmm..hmmm finally settle down...

There is a dream of mine that I would move to an idyllic rural setting, build a comfortable home and spend whatever days I had left communing with nature & living pastoral life..

When the call of wild finally come, I will seek out a plot of land in countryside setting which I can glance across the landscapes and there are views of green distant mountains...haha mne nk cri lol
Hope to be a moment of heart leaping beauty!!~~ and I want in the mid-distance is a sparkling lake or sea and if it is a lake, it could replete with heron, stork, egrets & amazing blue kingfishers... heaven on earth!! :)
i fantasized about building a gazebo, sitting & ogling the view, under an atap roof while attending to cats, chickens, rabbits & an assortments of animals running & hopping thru my imaginations....planted trees...
A mosque!!! i need it to be adjacent!!!haha demanding kan?
xkesah la kan kalo rumah kecil will be my castle or at very the least mansion, which amidst the glorious natural splendour of rural Malaysia..
design my perfect home with something that would emphasise the blend of East & West...i like!!

a friend of mine recommended me to check out this website: FASCINATING ---a resort

How could we not fall in love there???

Monday, January 18, 2010

SEXINESS!!! auww i like


A German lingerie store called "Liaison Dangereuse (Dangerous Liaison) has a controversial commercial out with a woman getting dressed in some provocative (but cute!) lingerie... It has Arabian influences in the music and undertones...

Check it out and what you think about it. Do you find it offensive?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


hmm mmg down
lg ditnya lg la rse cm nk nages ...
AINIL kuat nanges huhu
fed up ngn dunia yg smentara ni

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



  1. Seriously!! Malaysia is makin' me fat as the love of meat based dishes here like palm oil, coconut milk & fatty fritters/breads r some of the pitfalls of Malaysian cuisine...huhu I've tried not to adopt the Malaysian love of sweet sugary drinks and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day...and all these seem to be lasted for quite a time and a month after that, i've gone mad eating up anything that i've been craving for..haha
    After quite a month without eating rice (meant to be our staple food) and i ate a lot of bananas, apples and oats, i've been attacked by a malady which was gastric as the apple's acid had accumulated tremendously within my was painful plus i've to go to work..(fortunately, i've lost 2 kgs .due to my diet .hehe my waistline dropped 2 inches)

    Then i wonder how can I enjoy the culture of eating out here & there while stil maintaining my waistline???
    I just figured the best diet to assist me...and i think these are some tips to be shared ..hehe

  1. Choose plain rice instead of coconut rice (nasi lemak)/fried rice
  2. Choose plain breads instead of naann what so ever
  3. Avoid or limit intake of fried foods
  4. Go for tomato based sauces/curries eather than cream/coconut based sauces (santan/masak lemak)
  5. Choose dishes wit lots of vegetables
  6. eat a lot of fresh fruits
  7. limit intake of refined sugar & artificial sugar (aspartame-: tumor-inducing)
  8. Keep urself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and by this, u r less likely to over-eat
Those ice-blends from coffee shops like starbucks can be so tempting afternoon treat lol huhu
and fruit juices r often sweetened wit sugar syrup, so make sure u ask for freshly squeezed juice!!!
FOOD!! u r my necessity and my pleasure of life....I indeed need the fine balance of both~~
sometimes its ok to reward urself by heading out again to enjoy the glorious food Malaysia has to offer...wajib sgt bg saya...kalo x..nnti sdey huhuhu
btw...i love papadom!! sdp !

p/s: my formatting skali lg mcm ape ntah kt 1st paragrapgh tu.da byk kali tuka stil xbole2..fed up

Saturday, January 9, 2010

wow or what the heck?? i'm a mix blood


hmmm I'VE just been told...
my cousin told me..after 21 years and 2 months..... wonder la i got these features...
the resemblance is not tat obvious //ermm i dunno

i'm a mix blood of chinese baba nyonya + javanese + malay singapore + pakistani
wohhoo agk byk rupenya!!~
ingatkan mix jawa jek huhu

and i've already asked my room-mate who had been living with me for bout 4 years..
she said that my bushy eyebrows + long eyelashes = resemble my pakistan blood
my skin and my eyes (a bit slanting when i laugh) = baba nyonya
malay + java = more prominent features (others la)

hmm dan slama ni dgn bngganya slalu ngaku dri sdri JAWA RANGER sbb ley ckp jawa agak fasih ...aduhh

p/s: my descendants/ ancestors wallawey tol...mix parentage yg agak diverse...fening2

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Products to heal scars

I'm so shit scared of scar..I don't wanna live my life with scars!!!
TO heal scars, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!~~
unless u do laser surgery (costly for me as my economic standing is not that powerful at the moment). i'm a biotechnologist so i'm a bit freak of pharmaceutical products!!

so i bought & use some products which could heal my existing scars:


-full ingredients: Water (purified), PEG-4, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Allium Cepa (Onion) Bulb Extract,
Xanthan Gum, Allantoin, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid, Fragrance.
-dosage & administration:Gently massage Mederma into the scar or stretch marks 3 to 4 times
daily. Mederma should be used for 8 weeks on new scars and 2-6 months
on existing scars and stretch marks.NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON
-price: RM39.20 (20 gram)

It works by to improving the color, texture and overall appearance of old and new scars — from surgery, a burn, stretch marks, an injury, accident or acne. What i love bout this is the gel is so soothing and cool, easily being absorbed by skin. A slight peeling off of the outer layer of the skin right after applied to remove the dead cells and to re-smooth skin complexion. Consistency in applying is required!!!!~~


I was intrigued wit this product!!!~
-Full ingredients: Vitamins A & E and Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and PurCellin Oils.
-It contains no preservatives and has no water in it, which makes the growth of bacteria are impossible.
-price: RM32 ++ (60ML)

Here's a list of the things it can help with:
-SCARS- Reducing the appearance of old and new scars
-STRETCH MARKS- Prevents stretch marks
-UNEVEN SKIN TONE- Reduces appearance of pigmentation marks
-AGING SKIN- Improves skin elasticity
-DEHYDRATED SKIN- Protects against the elements
-SUNBURN- Soothes and hydrates skin

I love IT. It such a delightful oil. This one feels lightweight and doesn't have an overpowering scent. There is a scent, it's slightly floral. Probably a combination of the lavender, rosemary and chamomile. I love that it's a multi-tasker. I use it all over my body AND on my face since early 2008.

3. MQ-COLLAGEN (collagen powder mix beverage)

-preparation: Mix one sachet of MQ-Collagen in a glass of luke warm water. DO not use hot water.
-Ingredients: Natural collagen, Fructose, Soy protein, Maltodextrin, Grape seed extract, Gingko extract &
Strawberry flavour
-important feature: taken from HALAL source of collagen type 1 and 2....
-price:RM120.00 actually taken from my parents (bisnes gak).

i take this right before I go to sleep .. it enhances the moisture content of the skin, improving its visco-elastic properties and its smoothness also improved. It also decreases the joint pain and increases bone mass/density as it can stimulate the differentiation and the activity of osteblasts, the cells that build the bone, instead of osteoclasts, those that destroy it.
BONUS: it is a weight management diet
I've been drinking this since last year. anti wrinkles + anti aging agent. wink *

p/s: hmmmm bile la nk invent ubat atau solution then commercialised - kan ni??? asyik membeli jek... huhu
takat wat masker aspirin, masker home-made jek tahu!! kna byk wat experimen lg!!! hahahaha
pastu test on dri sdri huhu


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