Wednesday, January 27, 2010


diagnosis of bone cancer can be devastating for a patient and it is difficult to treat for many doctors. to watch ur love one's DYING because of it is so heartbreaking for me....hati ini sdey..i've never encounter this terminal stage before..
it was out of my big imagination as the person was doing fine and living such an active lifestyle...
what sadden me the most is that fella refused to undergo chemotherapy... then?? how to stop the cancer from invading other tissues???
and everytime i chat with this fella, actually i cant hold my tears & pretended strong right in front of this fella.. OMG...this is so weakening me...i have to be strong as this fella is very strong and already a fighter....
sometimes, when the conversation goes into DEATH topic (this very person always started it)..i will automatically became mute and looked down..i cant see into the eyes..the eyes which i always miss and i'm indeed still need / wanting hard for this fella to live.the existence of this person as my fren and my faithful helper in many maladies & obstacles of life, had made me wanting this person badly to stay alive for me...
YA ALLAH..please prolong the life of this fella

Illustration of osteosarcoma

(osteosarcoma-develops in growing bones, usually between ages 10 and 25)

those cancerous tissues had weakened the bones and can cause fracture...
hmm no wonder this person often having many weird symptoms of continuous fever, night sweats n chills... and this fella is indeed need supervision in every movement to prevent from falling or unexpected accidents...
ohh little heart..please be tough...Allah always with u...
doc can't help BUT ALLAH can!!~

I've already made my own research on treatments and drugs which can subside and entirely eradicate this...
instead of chemo, surgery and amputation, Canabidiol (cannabis)
powerful herbs (marijuana) ---can cure cancer entirely including leukaemia
however it so damn costly and it is not planted everywhere loll
only Mexico legalized the use of it...and were widely banned by many countries

in my opinion, cancerous tissues (especially malignant) within our body are so deadly and they multiply rapidly..they progress in silence and bone cancer is totally RARE case and usually attacking teens and dogs...huhu

as a future scientist, i really2 looking forward in inventing useful drugs/treatments to encounter cancer problems.. need to create a brand new drugs which is super safe and has no harmful side effects to stop or thwart the division of cancerous cell..May Allah help me and help everyone who suffering from cancers...

YA ALLAH...Kau lebih mengetahui apa yg aku xtahu...aku redha dgn dugaan ini

p/s: i can't mention the name and the gender as the person will get really2 piss off..


  1. salam,
    xtaw nak kata apa
    just help them,
    by doing the best that we can

  2. how is him/her now? I hope everything get well soon!

  3. i don't really know sis huhu
    it's so heartbreaking to hear this kind of news



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