Tuesday, January 12, 2010



  1. Seriously!! Malaysia is makin' me fat as the love of meat based dishes here like palm oil, coconut milk & fatty fritters/breads r some of the pitfalls of Malaysian cuisine...huhu I've tried not to adopt the Malaysian love of sweet sugary drinks and drink at least 8 glasses of water per day...and all these seem to be lasted for quite a time and a month after that, i've gone mad eating up anything that i've been craving for..haha
    After quite a month without eating rice (meant to be our staple food) and i ate a lot of bananas, apples and oats, i've been attacked by a malady which was gastric as the apple's acid had accumulated tremendously within my stomach...it was painful plus i've to go to work..(fortunately, i've lost 2 kgs .due to my diet .hehe my waistline dropped 2 inches)

    Then i wonder how can I enjoy the culture of eating out here & there while stil maintaining my waistline???
    I just figured the best diet to assist me...and i think these are some tips to be shared ..hehe

  1. Choose plain rice instead of coconut rice (nasi lemak)/fried rice
  2. Choose plain breads instead of naann what so ever
  3. Avoid or limit intake of fried foods
  4. Go for tomato based sauces/curries eather than cream/coconut based sauces (santan/masak lemak)
  5. Choose dishes wit lots of vegetables
  6. eat a lot of fresh fruits
  7. limit intake of refined sugar & artificial sugar (aspartame-: tumor-inducing)
  8. Keep urself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and by this, u r less likely to over-eat
Those ice-blends from coffee shops like starbucks can be so tempting afternoon treat lol huhu
and fruit juices r often sweetened wit sugar syrup, so make sure u ask for freshly squeezed juice!!!
FOOD!! u r my necessity and my pleasure of life....I indeed need the fine balance of both~~
sometimes its ok to reward urself by heading out again to enjoy the glorious food Malaysia has to offer...wajib sgt bg saya...kalo x..nnti sdey huhuhu
btw...i love papadom!! sdp !

p/s: my formatting skali lg mcm ape ntah kt 1st paragrapgh tu.da byk kali tuka stil xbole2..fed up

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  1. pleasure to indulge wonderful food is a sin to yourself...why toucher yourself when you can enjoy it...kih2:P



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