Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Settling down????

For twenty plus years (22 years hehe :P...a bit of exaggeration there) I had longed to hmmmmm..hmmm finally settle down...

There is a dream of mine that I would move to an idyllic rural setting, build a comfortable home and spend whatever days I had left communing with nature & living pastoral life..

When the call of wild finally come, I will seek out a plot of land in countryside setting which I can glance across the landscapes and there are views of green distant mountains...haha mne nk cri lol
Hope to be a moment of heart leaping beauty!!~~ and I want in the mid-distance is a sparkling lake or sea and if it is a lake, it could replete with heron, stork, egrets & amazing blue kingfishers... heaven on earth!! :)
i fantasized about building a gazebo, sitting & ogling the view, under an atap roof while attending to cats, chickens, rabbits & an assortments of animals running & hopping thru my imaginations....planted trees...
A mosque!!! i need it to be adjacent!!!haha demanding kan?
xkesah la kan kalo rumah kecil pun..it will be my castle or at very the least mansion, which amidst the glorious natural splendour of rural Malaysia..
design my perfect home with something that would emphasise the blend of East & West...i like!!

a friend of mine recommended me to check out this website: http://www.royalkinabalu.com/home.cfm...QUITE FASCINATING ---a resort

How could we not fall in love there???

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  1. hmmm... that mosque will be used by u sorang ke?..



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