Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back to school!!

After 4 months of pleasant break (long SUMMER BREAK), . its time for me to go back to school!!! wuuweeee!! (excited)...this will probably become my final semester here in Monash. going back to school will require me to re-adjust myself with the routine of going classes and attending lectures.. huhu

I am so glad being back to school again and meeting up friends in campus. And there was a friend of mine (a guy) who had made snarky comments bout my appearance (in a sarcastic way but i dont care, i flatter what is mine) huhu . I've lost several kilograms actually. I think he was probably means it to be encouraging, not mean. hmmmm?

I’ve found one of the best ways to jump-start my semester program after a break is to find a study buddy! During the first few weeks, it can be hard for me to stay motivated to go, and I might be tempted to skip a lecture (HONESTLY, for the past 5 semesters..i did skipped some lectures huwaaa) , and go back to my slovenly ways, if my buddy isn’t there to egg me on and keep me honest! And we are important for each other’s success!If I need just a little extra incentive to head back to the notes and revisions, i'll treat myself to new colourful notepads, pens, or highlighters.huhu (so childish).hahaha nonsense!

Starting from now on, I wanna stop whining, rationalizing, and thinking about doing assignments and just do them! I wanna get my butt back to the study chair and get back to library more often! Mybe i'll be much better this time once I stopped procrastinating and started over again. What better way to get back into my STUDY routine after a long break than to just do it? rite?? Go! Go now Ainil!!

p/s: I like DR. ANNE VAUGHN- my lecturer for FOOD & INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY -- her Ireland accent always make me to stay awake & keep me listening during her lecture hehe :P (way too different than any other foreign lecturers - which usually came from Australia with of coz, their own accents too)...

a plate of bacteria in horse blood agar (photo taken from microbe lab in my 2nd year) - no correlation with the title of the post :P SORRY
just to show u that microbiologist/biotechnologist intentionally grow bacteria for researches.yucks :P

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hippie me

How i make past styles of hippie headband translate to today style? special for hijabis... :) *wink*

For non-hijabis, usually bangs are draped across the forehead and then the head band is stretched over them and around their head. However, for a hijabi like me, i wear this by draping it on my forehead right underneath my scarves/shawls. Below are some styles & colours of headbands which I mix + match with my hijab colour...
Some of then i covered my eyes region :P
seriously too hmm (can't mention here) to provoking or something huhuhu

(systematic error :p) sleepy eyes..yikes huhu

multiple headbands

p/s: just bear with me..mybe u think i am like self-obsessed or self indulgence huhu
this post is intended to share wit other hijabis how to adapt styles in hijab wearing.


First of all, my grandma said that i am so ungrateful and I shouldn't take this..huhu (i mean hmmmm she claimed that my skin is already fair).

is a very good anti-oxidant, and a very effective whitening agent.

1. it is is an anti-oxidant that cleans the liver, takes off free-radicals and helps the brain too (did u know that our brain's anti-oxidant is gluta and that low level of it results to some illneses and disorders?)

2. gluta is safe for everyone whatever age is and it is 100% proven that it really works to whiten skin.

3. For most people, the first 3 months use of gluta (according to my aunt, this would happen to me for only 2 months) is crucial for it is the time where gluta is building the foundation (body chemistry re-alignment) and once built this is only the start for its whitening process. the lightening of skin is gradual (speed is depending on your metabolism and body chemical functioning) this is where you will notice that your skin is shinier and healthier than before. after this process, you will notice that your shade is lighter than before.

4. glutha whitens the skin by reducing the melanin formation of the epidermis going up to the dermis

5. there are definitely no side-effects of using gluta, u know why? coz its ability to whiten your skin is already its side-effect!!! hehehe awesome right??

6. there is also no harm in its prolonged use.

I'm taking KYUSOKU BIHAKU (Japan product - approved HALAL by Office On Muslim Affairs of Philippines)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am a dweller

I always dwelling into my past and i've learnt a lot from my past...
I regret and repent to Allah...such as I've spent out my money for unnecessary things huhu
What an obnoxious waste huhu

'Ya Allah, Aku mohon perlindungan kepadaMu dari hawa nafsu yang dituruti'

Riwayat Hadis Rasullullah ade menyebut: 'Org mukmin itu berada di antara 5 kesulitan:
  1. Orang munafik yang membencinya
  2. Orang kafir yang memeranginya
  3. Syaitan yang menyesatkannya
  4. Nafsu yang selalu menentangnya

p/s: ternyata sebagai seorg muslimah yg mempunyai 9 nafsu& 1 akal ..saya tewas dgn nafsu melihat benda2 cantik & keinginan tuk memilikinya huhuhu
and my grandma wondering why i'm still taking GLUTATHIONE.. she said dat i'm so ungrateful..huhu
i'll tell u guys what is glutathione in my next post ok??

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My final semester !!! InsyaAllah

Units which I've enrolled for this semester are: (CLICK image below TO ENLARGE)

p/s: I am so dead. the units TITLE are killing me (like before were seriously made me feel like headache even just seeing on the subject's name) haha!!--------) Allah & Rasul always with me
AFTER MY final exams I'm off to Melbourne & Adelaide (July- already bought the tickets)
Then graduate in September (clayton campus) or November (sunway campus) which depends on my budget loll WHERE & WHEN i wanna graduate huhu
hmm probably i shud stay till September in my friend house if i wanna graduate there.

struggling hard and pray hard to excel :P
pray for me guys...


It can be observed and i think it can be said that SOME of you guys (BLOGGERS) may be using vulgar/harsh/unpolite words in posting you opinions/comments/posts in the're advises/memories/experiences about your life is very much appreciated but everything has to have its limit ok...

i do hope to see some mannerism here as although, whatever bad nonsense experience you had in YOUR LIFE. AS MUSLIMS, pls dont try to "BULLSHIT" to the readers about what you've gone through that doesnt mean that you're in a FREE COUNTRY already and you can do whatever/say whatever you want.... and would appreciate not to talk bad about the elders and other Muslims AND OTHERs??? Rasullullah have taught you not to, do hope that you guys could at least give some respect to them although you dislike/despise them?? they do have feelings too!!! this is life!! what do you expect?? there's no such thing as THE LUCKIEST MAN EVER LIVE as the world is just TEMPORARY and fulls with OBSTACLES.

p/s: I'm not trying to be some "GOOD-WELLMANNERED" or to received whatsoever trophy or what, but think about others feeling before you doing it ok? again, be patient and redha :) show good akhlak please...
and pls dont be offended by this post ok?? forgive me ok?? apologize to others... we are all imperfect ...yet we need to advice others who KHILAF.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mount Bunga Buah expedition-21st Feb 2010

Beautiful Butterflies: indication of flowers existence (how this Mountain got its name)

Rock Garden (definitely warmed my heart)

just two girls (tired + sad faces)

Genting Highland

ROCK GARDEN (midway to summit)


group photo!...haggard n tired faces..Ben trying to hide his semi toplessness...huhu :p

a flower

old quarry

the vicious leach which has sucked a victim blood....killed it with a lighter

Hikes are pretty much free, so we did a bunch and this was Unofficial TRIP of Monash Wild Adventure Club to Mount Buah. Mount Bunga Buah is a small mountain next to Genting Highland. Starting point for climbing is behind Hotel Sri Malaysia which is located next to the roundabout of Gohtong Jaya. This is a good mountain for training but only few people know about its existence.

We started our journey at 6.35 am and the trek away climb up almost 45 degrees (vertical climbing). then we reached an abandoned stone mine area (quarry). Starting on this point, the trek basically was a tarmac road used for the stone mining operation long time ago. There were so many leeches along the trek and every one of us got 3 bites at least. Then the hike was more of a leisurely walk when we reached this strange trek which so narrow to walk through. We call this the valley of the leaches...hidden in these tall thorny bushy path are blood-thirsty leaches...3 times greater number of leaches than the previous trek..huhu

We've climbed very steep at several areas, but once we got deep into the jungle, the trek became harder then before. We slowly climb and crawl as much as we can. Our sense of direction was quite impressive where we were apart for a while and finally we got to found each other back.(taken wrong path). Leeches were all around us, we have to fight (we were armed with table salt & lighter hahaha) with them and at the same time focusing on our climbing. There were a lot of wild flowers and unknown fruits along the way and I think that’s why it is called Mount Bunga Buah. At about 10.00 am, we reached a beautiful area called Rock Garden. The view was so beautiful, feels like a magical garden made by human, but this is all nature..sweat pouring off my forehead like crazy. And my hair drenched with sweat after the climb. It was a pleasure to rest and relax after you've done it. It just so happens after every climb :)

The peak is called BEIRUT (a triangle shape gazebo made of iron on top of the summit) be rewarded with views of spectacular rainforest and i can see Genting from here. From the peak, there is a sweeping view of Kuala Lumpur city. It was worth the time (tackled couple of hours) and effort to get there. The journey back of descending down the mount was challenging as it was raining.

p/s: just 8 of us!! had fun!! images taken from AMY GAN album.
me, the only muslimah in the group!! :P

almost 5 hours of climbing up and 3 hours of hiking down.

Fluffy - our dog??

we named it FLUFFY as its fur are quite puffy and shaggy..blonde too!!
Fluffy used to sleep on our parking spot where we have an automatic gate which is already struck by lightning and this keep Fluffy in and out easily without our realization.
there was a morning where it slept on the floor , i saw Fluffy!! (i was quite shocked) , it was lying comfortably next to my slippers with a pleased and proud look on his face. It was so cute!!! however!! i need to cleanse my slippers (SAMAK) ergghh
Fluffy is my neighbour's dog.. but Fluffy is left unattended and obviously Fluffy don't understand human language which I did sshhuuuhhh it away .. but it remained sleeping like it was deaf or something.. my roommate gave Fluffy some food as Fluffy is indeed so adorable lol.. xsampai hati!!!

p/s:Dogs look so cute when they are asleep. Often when FLUFFY falls asleep it looks so cute that I am sooo tempted to go pet it, but then a voice in my head says "let sleeping dog sleep" lol its hard to contain myself but I don't want to 'wake the beast' loll then I will be bitten :D

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I cried like a baby...

i was devastated after read my friend's blog who had GHIBAH bout me
i cried and i'm feeling down...

p/s: xsgka sgt after almost 4 years knowing u ..
WHY U acted this way?...if u hate me... just say it right in front of my face...don't stab me from my back ..
i can apologize.. i'm not perfect either.. and yet u brought up such irrelevant issue which actually u shudn't be affected at all!! Allah created me this way..AND u've made me cried becoz of it..i'll confront this fella one on one as a humble muslimah... its not a rival but u already stained ur own reputation in my heart. :(

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Name is KHAN

SUpERB MOVIE!!! short review and opinion:


A good- hearted muslim man (Shah Rukh Khan), in a such endearing performance that showcases his natural hyper-energy and it is this innocence of Rizwan KHAN that wins me over!.
Rizwan Khan is lovable and careful to be not irritable. And thankfully, he makes the audience empathise with him as an Asperger Syndrome patient, and does not look for pity....
He showed a nice quality of a Muslim by showing GOOD akhlak even though being oppressed and mistreated by others. This reminds me to a Hadith where Rasullullah answered the question: 'WHAT IS ISLAM??' from his fellow. And he clarified: 'GOOD AKHLAK or GOOD CONDUCT' (sorry for being not specific). So no matter what, u have to show good akhlak and always instill it within yourself. (the good value that i've learnt from this movie).

Obviously, it’s a film with a single-minded purpose, and with sequence after Muslims-are-people-too sequence. And the moments I took away were a mere handful, where Zakir comforting his wife while asking her to discard the hijab that : 'God will understand but the Americans won’t'.

SYABAS KARAN JOHAR!! And I hope he return to chronicling the lives and loves of people :)

p/s:Islam is Divine..plss Muslims...i'm begging you..don't tarnished Islam's image. Being ferocious is our nature BUT have u heard this saying?? which is : 'The toughest man is the one who can overcome his anger'. :)
be patient & redha (THAT'S THE BEST JIHAD) in everything and remember!!~ Allah & Rasul are always with us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

questions to answer

Question 1 ~ Where is your cell phone ?

Question 2 ~ Relationship ?
-no romance entanglement till graduate-

Question 3 ~ Your Hair ?
-black & super thick-

Question 4 ~ Work ?
-my mum's boutique and Gaagoo Kids-

Question 5 ~ Your sister ?
-Ainur Mastura & Ainurul Iman-

Question 6 ~ your favourite thing ?
-my lappie, my bed, my cat, my car-

Question 7 ~ Your dream last night ?
-about someone really which is really hunky but the face was faded- huhu

Question 8 ~ Your favourite drink ?
-sky juice, pineapple juice, lychee, pink panther at MURNI-

Question 9 ~ Your dream car ?
-BMW, all those fancy + expensive cars :p -

Question 10 ~ Your shoes ?
size 8!! OMG

Question 11 ~ Your fears ?
lizards!! death!! mystical beings

Question 12 ~ What do you want to be after 10 years ?
a scientist i guess or a PEGAWAI TADBIR DIPLOMAT

Question 13 ~ Who did you hang out with last weekend ?
hmm my mum hehe

Question 14 ~ Missing ?
missing my bestfriends so bad

Question 15 ~ What are you thingking about right now ?
solat malam sat gi -solat witir stiap hari

Question 16 ~ Favourite colour ?

Question 17 ~ Love ?
its my nature to love and being loved :)

p/s: answering all these mcm sgt immature for my age jek huhu

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


high-glittered traditional costume (fat ainil huhu)

hippie look for hijabis?? erkk (headband freak ni)

Ainil: I'm 19 years old ( I BLUFFed!!) and I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur and my parents are part Javanese and part Malay, Baba Nyonya and Pakistani. I'm currently attending Monash University where I'm majoring in Biotechnology. I started wearing hijab since 11 years old. Being a majority Muslim city, there were a lot more hijabis to be seen on the streets and consequently a lot more affordable places to shop! My mum owns a shop selling muslimah clothings, abayas and hijabs.
The best place to buy hijabs in KL has to be in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. This is a collection of several shops stocking just hijabs. Walking into one of these stores is just so much fun; the sheer variety of scarves is fantastic!

When it came to street style, there was a lot of variation in the way women dressed, but from the point of hijab, sometimes there was a lot to be desired. What I personally love about wearing the hijab is that you can do so many different styles and express yourself, while still being modest. There's only so much you could do with your hair, but with hijab, the possibilities are endless. Of course that's only the bonus, the main thing is obeying Allah's rule and being proud of being a Muslimah! My hijab style also is influenced by all the different nationalities other Muslim women come from that I see at school,town etc. Right now I'm really digging the Turkish and Egyptian style. I experiment with a lot of videos from Youtube channel and I find that trying to be more multicultural in the way I dress is really inspiring me to do my degree in international institution like Monash. I love to be part of something new every now and then, and that truly is expressed through how I dress.The necklaces I wear are usually long ones that aren't too tight around the neck. I love to mix and match. One piece can go a long way. You can wear the same piece for several days in a row, but if you mix and match, people would hardly even notice that it's the same piece just worn differently! The next time you feel that itch to go shopping after seeing some spectacular outfits online or in magazines, look in your closet. There is bound to be some pieces you haven't worn for quite a while. Finding an old piece and giving it a new twist gives me a better feeling than buying a new one.

I'm a jeans type of gal. It's something that will never go out of style (depending on which jean style of course), and living in a place like here, it's seems all people wear really. I'm also a huge bargain shopper! Cotton On, Padini Concept and SEEDs is just naming a few places I shop at. Since my clothes are so mainstream and 'common', I'm determined to try the whole vintage look from those cute little boutiques in down town. Although first impressions count for everything, I don't dress to impress other people. I dress to please myself, to make me feel more confident in the world, and to be creative and whimsical.

My tips for other hijabis out there:

1) Always, and I say ALWAYS have an inner/bandana/underpiece inside your hijab! It prevents your hijab from slipping and has a clean, neat look.

2) Long sleeve shirts for us hijabis is like having the latest Windows software for nerds! It's a must! (btw, i fall into the nerd category too, so no harm meant.) You can pair any shirt you want with a longsleeve and it looks super cute when worn with a maxi dress.

3) Allah has made the world so beautiful, so appreciate it with wearing the colours he has created. You can look beautiful in other colours besides black!

4) Only wear what makes you feel comfortable and pretty. If you hate the way you look in something, it will make you feel crap all day (trust me!)

p/s:Have fun, love yourself, and FEEL GOOD in what you wear!


i want a cottage which overlooking a sea!! i want it so bad!! it would be a sheer joy to have it....
to live by the sea is maybe dangerous as i'll get the potential of being hit by tsunami wave huhu then it would be an absolute disaster huhu

below is a painting of cottages by a sea :

p/s: haha i was planning to settle down in a place like ROYAL KINABALU before!! now i want these both houses to be mine...need to earn a lot of cash to materialize side is just an awesome place to settle down. a FLASHY plan for my future :P

Monday, February 15, 2010


fuel save lol! stil maintain 2 bar walaupun slps 25 km. haha


I've been using I-charge since early last year after my parents signed up as MXB members. I did went to MXB talk once in Taman Desa...
i-CHARGE helps your car working at optimum condition. Made in Japan (and we are way behind them haha) This technology had been created 10 years ago.

Using i-CHARGE is as easy as reading ABC.
Just plug the terminal of i-CHARGE into
your car's cigar-lighter socket and it will work
right away. So simple!
As a student, i go places here and there by
car and sometimes i run out of budget as
i have to pay the cost of my books and studies
With I-charge, my life had changed a lot...
I got to save more incar fuel and it had
definitely cut my fuel cost for like RM150
for a month!!
and seriously worthy for everyone even for
bikers and superbikers as there is I-charge
for bikes too~~ MY brother using it for his RXZ
bike..My mum and dad using it for Toyota INNOVA
and Kia Spectra.

I used to go to my parents house in Sg Besi
from Sunway and the distance is like 25+ km
away...and i just have to fill up my fuel for
just two bars (RM10) which were sufficient
for me to go there and return back to Sunway!!
..i'm using an auto transmission car which i
used to accelerate my car by pushing too hard
onto the accelerator pedal :P hahaha
Using I-charge had absolutely reduced the
fuel consumption when u accelerating as it
stabilizes the car power and performance.
When you overtaking a car u'll see the difference,
the pick up obviously become much powerful and u'll
run like the king of the road..muahahha
There is a testimony bout it which recorded 65okm
for just RM70 of fuel price!! awesome right?.
U got to have it.. a unit cost is RM595
(i-charge for car)...It had been awarded as
Car GOOD of the Year 2006.

• Fuel saving
• Better RPM response
Increase engine torque
Engine power up
Optimized all electronic devices in car
Faster throttle response, engine power up.
Reduce car CPU noise signal, improve CPU reaction time, improve electronic efficiency.
Smoother gear shift on automatic car.
Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving.
Maximize ignition efficiency, easier engine start.
Prolong engine and electrical device life-span.
Easy installation, totally DIY, the first choice for ladies drivers.
Universal for all cars and motorcycles
Reduce noise with built in noise filter, improve sound system performance.
Equipped with dou
ble fuse protection, for better product life and safety.
Faster RPM response, it gives you powerful acceleration even when your car's air condition turn on to maximum load.
Cleaner exhaust emission on HC and CO gas. So more environment friendly.

p/s: simply amazing.. (satisfied customer)

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