Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back to school!!

After 4 months of pleasant break (long SUMMER BREAK), . its time for me to go back to school!!! wuuweeee!! (excited)...this will probably become my final semester here in Monash. going back to school will require me to re-adjust myself with the routine of going classes and attending lectures.. huhu

I am so glad being back to school again and meeting up friends in campus. And there was a friend of mine (a guy) who had made snarky comments bout my appearance (in a sarcastic way but i dont care, i flatter what is mine) huhu . I've lost several kilograms actually. I think he was probably means it to be encouraging, not mean. hmmmm?

I’ve found one of the best ways to jump-start my semester program after a break is to find a study buddy! During the first few weeks, it can be hard for me to stay motivated to go, and I might be tempted to skip a lecture (HONESTLY, for the past 5 semesters..i did skipped some lectures huwaaa) , and go back to my slovenly ways, if my buddy isn’t there to egg me on and keep me honest! And we are important for each other’s success!If I need just a little extra incentive to head back to the notes and revisions, i'll treat myself to new colourful notepads, pens, or highlighters.huhu (so childish).hahaha nonsense!

Starting from now on, I wanna stop whining, rationalizing, and thinking about doing assignments and just do them! I wanna get my butt back to the study chair and get back to library more often! Mybe i'll be much better this time once I stopped procrastinating and started over again. What better way to get back into my STUDY routine after a long break than to just do it? rite?? Go! Go now Ainil!!

p/s: I like DR. ANNE VAUGHN- my lecturer for FOOD & INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY -- her Ireland accent always make me to stay awake & keep me listening during her lecture hehe :P (way too different than any other foreign lecturers - which usually came from Australia with of coz, their own accents too)...

a plate of bacteria in horse blood agar (photo taken from microbe lab in my 2nd year) - no correlation with the title of the post :P SORRY
just to show u that microbiologist/biotechnologist intentionally grow bacteria for researches.yucks :P


  1. kadang2 aku pk2 mcm kesian je uni kat mesia ikut cuti oz.

  2. @ihsan_huhu

    nape nak kesian lak?.. ok pe cuti selaras..

    -pasni dgrnye sume IPTA nak disamekn ngan europe lak-

  3. adik aku kat curtin miri cuti kejap je time raye.
    tp cuti krismas panjang.

    so mmg xseswai r dgn culture mesia. spttnye cuti je mcm uni mesia.



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