Monday, February 22, 2010

Fluffy - our dog??

we named it FLUFFY as its fur are quite puffy and shaggy..blonde too!!
Fluffy used to sleep on our parking spot where we have an automatic gate which is already struck by lightning and this keep Fluffy in and out easily without our realization.
there was a morning where it slept on the floor , i saw Fluffy!! (i was quite shocked) , it was lying comfortably next to my slippers with a pleased and proud look on his face. It was so cute!!! however!! i need to cleanse my slippers (SAMAK) ergghh
Fluffy is my neighbour's dog.. but Fluffy is left unattended and obviously Fluffy don't understand human language which I did sshhuuuhhh it away .. but it remained sleeping like it was deaf or something.. my roommate gave Fluffy some food as Fluffy is indeed so adorable lol.. xsampai hati!!!

p/s:Dogs look so cute when they are asleep. Often when FLUFFY falls asleep it looks so cute that I am sooo tempted to go pet it, but then a voice in my head says "let sleeping dog sleep" lol its hard to contain myself but I don't want to 'wake the beast' loll then I will be bitten :D


  1. huhu.alahai comelnye..ade guard dah jage tu.hehe...

  2. mak ai..kalau saya takot dah tu!hahaha

  3. its a very kind act..just have to make sure samak always.God bless.

  4. always lie down in front of my gate. Here got many dogs. Normally, i just live it there, no need to disturb lor..if we disturb them, then they will disturb us back.

  5. That's a cute dog and look like a friendly type. I just hate some dogs such as the one people always use as house guard and another type that is so big. Those dogs are scary and they always bark..



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