Wednesday, February 17, 2010


high-glittered traditional costume (fat ainil huhu)

hippie look for hijabis?? erkk (headband freak ni)

Ainil: I'm 19 years old ( I BLUFFed!!) and I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur and my parents are part Javanese and part Malay, Baba Nyonya and Pakistani. I'm currently attending Monash University where I'm majoring in Biotechnology. I started wearing hijab since 11 years old. Being a majority Muslim city, there were a lot more hijabis to be seen on the streets and consequently a lot more affordable places to shop! My mum owns a shop selling muslimah clothings, abayas and hijabs.
The best place to buy hijabs in KL has to be in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. This is a collection of several shops stocking just hijabs. Walking into one of these stores is just so much fun; the sheer variety of scarves is fantastic!

When it came to street style, there was a lot of variation in the way women dressed, but from the point of hijab, sometimes there was a lot to be desired. What I personally love about wearing the hijab is that you can do so many different styles and express yourself, while still being modest. There's only so much you could do with your hair, but with hijab, the possibilities are endless. Of course that's only the bonus, the main thing is obeying Allah's rule and being proud of being a Muslimah! My hijab style also is influenced by all the different nationalities other Muslim women come from that I see at school,town etc. Right now I'm really digging the Turkish and Egyptian style. I experiment with a lot of videos from Youtube channel and I find that trying to be more multicultural in the way I dress is really inspiring me to do my degree in international institution like Monash. I love to be part of something new every now and then, and that truly is expressed through how I dress.The necklaces I wear are usually long ones that aren't too tight around the neck. I love to mix and match. One piece can go a long way. You can wear the same piece for several days in a row, but if you mix and match, people would hardly even notice that it's the same piece just worn differently! The next time you feel that itch to go shopping after seeing some spectacular outfits online or in magazines, look in your closet. There is bound to be some pieces you haven't worn for quite a while. Finding an old piece and giving it a new twist gives me a better feeling than buying a new one.

I'm a jeans type of gal. It's something that will never go out of style (depending on which jean style of course), and living in a place like here, it's seems all people wear really. I'm also a huge bargain shopper! Cotton On, Padini Concept and SEEDs is just naming a few places I shop at. Since my clothes are so mainstream and 'common', I'm determined to try the whole vintage look from those cute little boutiques in down town. Although first impressions count for everything, I don't dress to impress other people. I dress to please myself, to make me feel more confident in the world, and to be creative and whimsical.

My tips for other hijabis out there:

1) Always, and I say ALWAYS have an inner/bandana/underpiece inside your hijab! It prevents your hijab from slipping and has a clean, neat look.

2) Long sleeve shirts for us hijabis is like having the latest Windows software for nerds! It's a must! (btw, i fall into the nerd category too, so no harm meant.) You can pair any shirt you want with a longsleeve and it looks super cute when worn with a maxi dress.

3) Allah has made the world so beautiful, so appreciate it with wearing the colours he has created. You can look beautiful in other colours besides black!

4) Only wear what makes you feel comfortable and pretty. If you hate the way you look in something, it will make you feel crap all day (trust me!)

p/s:Have fun, love yourself, and FEEL GOOD in what you wear!


  1. wearing scarf is not d limit from us to follow d updated fashion.. tp msti la yg ssuai.. hehe..
    thx for d gud tips.. =)

  2. try ushar sini

  3. salam..
    masyaallah..indahnya kejadian..
    moga bertemu di syurga makhluk yang seindah ini
    he he..(doa tu..)



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