Sunday, February 21, 2010

I cried like a baby...

i was devastated after read my friend's blog who had GHIBAH bout me
i cried and i'm feeling down...

p/s: xsgka sgt after almost 4 years knowing u ..
WHY U acted this way?...if u hate me... just say it right in front of my face...don't stab me from my back ..
i can apologize.. i'm not perfect either.. and yet u brought up such irrelevant issue which actually u shudn't be affected at all!! Allah created me this way..AND u've made me cried becoz of it..i'll confront this fella one on one as a humble muslimah... its not a rival but u already stained ur own reputation in my heart. :(


  1. Tabahkan HATI. As long as what you do is true, God will reveal the real thing. Your friend that may not fully understand . 4 years is not enough utk mengukur kekuatan persahabatan if she did not try to understand you deeply inside

  2. think positive my dear..mesti sudah ada sesuatu yang dirancang olehNya buat kamu :)

  3. like bareessence said think positive!
    I just descover your blog and it caought my attention that you like biotechnology and so do I, but I didn't finished my bashelor.for good reassons ok...god has a plan for each one of us, no doubt of it!

    come visit my blog and download the two issues of The SharePoint Magazine free
    let all in god hands and all will be fine....inshallah!

  4. banyakkan besabor..
    think postive..

  5. nama yang sangat manis....ainil hawa....sabarlah...Allah lebih mengetahui..k!

    cheer up!

  6. ~hush..mcm tau je sape..meh ak check..:P

  7. You can probably ask for explanation and perhaps resolve whatever the misunderstanding was amicably.To err is human.Sometimes we didnt realise our mistakes.After all 4 years is a long time.You would also know by now yr friend's character and surely if your friend acted out of the ordinary there would be a reason for that.Best is to meet and talk.Just my opinion.Take care and may Allah show you the way.

  8. thank you umi..u are so sensible..



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