Monday, February 22, 2010

Mount Bunga Buah expedition-21st Feb 2010

Beautiful Butterflies: indication of flowers existence (how this Mountain got its name)

Rock Garden (definitely warmed my heart)

just two girls (tired + sad faces)

Genting Highland

ROCK GARDEN (midway to summit)


group photo!...haggard n tired faces..Ben trying to hide his semi toplessness...huhu :p

a flower

old quarry

the vicious leach which has sucked a victim blood....killed it with a lighter

Hikes are pretty much free, so we did a bunch and this was Unofficial TRIP of Monash Wild Adventure Club to Mount Buah. Mount Bunga Buah is a small mountain next to Genting Highland. Starting point for climbing is behind Hotel Sri Malaysia which is located next to the roundabout of Gohtong Jaya. This is a good mountain for training but only few people know about its existence.

We started our journey at 6.35 am and the trek away climb up almost 45 degrees (vertical climbing). then we reached an abandoned stone mine area (quarry). Starting on this point, the trek basically was a tarmac road used for the stone mining operation long time ago. There were so many leeches along the trek and every one of us got 3 bites at least. Then the hike was more of a leisurely walk when we reached this strange trek which so narrow to walk through. We call this the valley of the leaches...hidden in these tall thorny bushy path are blood-thirsty leaches...3 times greater number of leaches than the previous trek..huhu

We've climbed very steep at several areas, but once we got deep into the jungle, the trek became harder then before. We slowly climb and crawl as much as we can. Our sense of direction was quite impressive where we were apart for a while and finally we got to found each other back.(taken wrong path). Leeches were all around us, we have to fight (we were armed with table salt & lighter hahaha) with them and at the same time focusing on our climbing. There were a lot of wild flowers and unknown fruits along the way and I think that’s why it is called Mount Bunga Buah. At about 10.00 am, we reached a beautiful area called Rock Garden. The view was so beautiful, feels like a magical garden made by human, but this is all nature..sweat pouring off my forehead like crazy. And my hair drenched with sweat after the climb. It was a pleasure to rest and relax after you've done it. It just so happens after every climb :)

The peak is called BEIRUT (a triangle shape gazebo made of iron on top of the summit) be rewarded with views of spectacular rainforest and i can see Genting from here. From the peak, there is a sweeping view of Kuala Lumpur city. It was worth the time (tackled couple of hours) and effort to get there. The journey back of descending down the mount was challenging as it was raining.

p/s: just 8 of us!! had fun!! images taken from AMY GAN album.
me, the only muslimah in the group!! :P

almost 5 hours of climbing up and 3 hours of hiking down.


  1. wah wah... best nye ber 'kemping'~!!! gamba yang 3rd last tuh, nape lepak tgh2 jalan? hu hu hu~!!

    and you;re one brave muslimah. i put my hat down for u :) keep it up ya...

  2. kepenatan..lepak je mana2 on the ground
    da xpeduli hehe

  3. Ainil!!

    Hands down to you! the only muslimah girl.. :)

    btw..i know PREM!!! Yes!! I know him!! Send my regards to him he graduated already?

  4. cool!!!i want to go there too!!!nice view n i can imagine how nice to be surround by green environment n nature

  5. i joint sobat...nice to meet you...i hope u like to use it's Klik Here don't forget to comment ok

  6. not bad,can climb mountain,no cramps after the climb?

  7. after 2 years of joining all these...just minor cramps- everyday i do brisk walking to reduce muscles cramp :)



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