Tuesday, February 2, 2010


YEAY!! da tersusun

I've been wearing teeth braces since january 2008... now it has been 2 years i'm wearing it..
i had experienced several braces problems: pain, sore teeth, loose braces, broken bands, protruding wires. and!! definitely i had experienced some discomfort or difficulty speaking or eating at first. huhuhu the most important thing is u gonna always salivating more than often ...which means u gonna spray more saliva whenever u speak huhuhu (kna sopan santun apabila berkata2 ye)
to subside the pain (teeth sore) u can take aspirin or panadol (common pain reliever)...sometimes people may have fever due to the unbearable pain lol...
then u have to maintain taking soft/liquid food diet due to sore teeth as needed..(u can't chew easily..it usually so painful to chew..u hardly chew things especially KEROPOK LEKOR yg super keras haha )...

it was so damn funny when my bracket broke due to my craving of KEROPOK lekor ... it had been long time i have not eaten kopok lekor at that moment.. hehehe it was served by muslimah sisters in a taklim which i attended.. haha 'tara bole tahan wooo ..try ngaap satu'...then i chewed using my back teeth and unfortunately it made my braces bracket broke!!!!... huhuhuhu
padan muka..terpksa la buat appointment cpt...

teeth braces irritate my mouth & cheek when the wires began to shift ..huwaaa
before braces installation, u may need to remove out some of ur teeths and u gonna feel pain if the separator had been placed between ur back teeth...

ULCERATIONs and sores would occur inside ur mouth because ur lips & cheeks are not used rubbing against the braces, however over time ur skin in the inside of ur mouth will get tougher & u will no longer have sores :)) immuned!!!
wax can be used to cover up the area of the braces which causes the sores or ulcerations..
TO PLACE WAX: break off a piece of it and role it into pea size ball and to make the wax stick to the braces, dry the braces area with a cotton bud, and then place the ball of wax over the area of irritation.. and don't forget to remove the wax when eating & brushing !! u can re-apply it when needed..

DONT eat hard and sticky food as they might cause ur braces to loose... no chewing-gum, dodol, and usually i took longer time to eat than anybody else as the food got stuck between my braces.. i think everything gonna stick especially fruits and vegetables (lots of fiber)...and usually i need to cut apples into small pieces and try not to bite them with my front teeth..
RICE!!! sgt suke melekat wooo!!! mkn dgn penuh kecekalan dan keazaman supaya xberlapar..tapi sume bnda je pun da bedal skanggg ..hehe kalo x, kempunan nnti hehe
sometimes during eating or brushing, a metal wire can accidentally be re-directed & cause irritation to ur lips or cheeks.. U can place the wire back to the place using an eraser at the end of a pencil (push it back into its original position)..if not possible, just cover the wire with wax until ur next appointment with ur orthodontist...

elastic bands fall off?? hmm u have to call ur orthodontist immediately so he/she can ask u to make a quick visit to put the bands on.. (pernah 2, 3 kali la..hikhik)

so far...i'm good with these braces... my teeth had shifted a lot and changed a lot!!!
it is almost time for me to remove it lolll hahahaha
the exact time i won't tell cause i wanna make it as a surprise ...however!! i need to wear the teeth retainer for another 2 years to prevent the teeth arrangement from shifting...

p/s: I CAN'T WAIT!!! to whiten my teeth after this...


  1. Nampak mudah tapi seksa juga ek, baru ni tau. Selalu nampak orang pakai macam mudah je

  2. Gigi sy rase 'reput'...er...nak kene pkai mende ni gak ke??adehhh...

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