Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It can be observed and i think it can be said that SOME of you guys (BLOGGERS) may be using vulgar/harsh/unpolite words in posting you opinions/comments/posts in the're advises/memories/experiences about your life is very much appreciated but everything has to have its limit ok...

i do hope to see some mannerism here as although, whatever bad nonsense experience you had in YOUR LIFE. AS MUSLIMS, pls dont try to "BULLSHIT" to the readers about what you've gone through that doesnt mean that you're in a FREE COUNTRY already and you can do whatever/say whatever you want.... and would appreciate not to talk bad about the elders and other Muslims AND OTHERs??? Rasullullah have taught you not to, do hope that you guys could at least give some respect to them although you dislike/despise them?? they do have feelings too!!! this is life!! what do you expect?? there's no such thing as THE LUCKIEST MAN EVER LIVE as the world is just TEMPORARY and fulls with OBSTACLES.

p/s: I'm not trying to be some "GOOD-WELLMANNERED" or to received whatsoever trophy or what, but think about others feeling before you doing it ok? again, be patient and redha :) show good akhlak please...
and pls dont be offended by this post ok?? forgive me ok?? apologize to others... we are all imperfect ...yet we need to advice others who KHILAF.


  1. Well.. blog is where people express their views, disappointments or critics and to ask them not to, is really not feasible.. For me, everybody are free to express their views, disappointments and even critics but please do it with manners and solid arguments(with facts and strong logic, not just a pure emotion).. =)

  2. yeah. people should really use their words well.

  3. nice words describe ourself kan :)



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