Wednesday, March 31, 2010


SKYTREX!!! Located at the serene Bukit Cerakah in Shah Alam.

i've tried the BIG THRILL (one of the package), the Big Thrill will take about 1 hour to complete but often the whole activity will take about 3 hours because people get jammed in the midst of completing the task. HAHA rm40 for adults. we were like real monkeys!!~There are lockers and recycle gloves provided. If you prefer new gloves, it is available for sale at RM5. You can also rent bottle strap to carry your drink while trekking up high in the sky. All other gears are provided (harness, pulley, karabiner).
Before proceeding to the Big Thrill or Extreme Challenge, all Skytrekers has to go through simple elaborated training at 3-4 meters high on how to use ropes course gears. so extreme!! at the starting point, i was a bit nervous to let myself down from the platform. u need a push within yourself in order to do the flying fox stunt as the platform is very high plus you have to do all of them on your own!!! anD!! i despise the part which you need to climb up the stairs to reach the top of the slowed me down and it was so tiring.. (the suffering part, haha)
there's also KIDS CHALLENGE (rm30)

peoz, like usual..he posed controversially haha

Jason- a Malaysian celebrity
was here too!!

Mini Tarzan swing causes blockage because it requires more strength and the correct skill to move to the next canopy.

katherine, brian & me - we are superhumans

cropped pic of me (haha dont want you to see my lower body in the harness - will be too revealing ! :P)

with one of my junior, rose

a species of snake found here

p/s:Most of the time you’ll find yourself admiring the green forest while waiting for the tasks. AND please book the earliest schedule to avoid dreadful waiting time. much tiring than normal jungle trekking. you need to be medically fit :)
most of us are mountaineers, and it was quite challenging than ordinary hiking.. a new experience to us very fun and spectaculaR!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

hmm happy!!

idup bujang
pergi skytrex!!
setelah berpenat lelah di SKYTREX di Bukit Cerakah
makan aiskrim beli kt luar entrance
heading to campus
tumpangkan catherine (Australian) pergi & balik dari skytrex
nex wik da propose plan naik mount dato' lagi
dia pun nak gi gak dan sgt excited sbb akan camp out on the Tanjung puteri BEach
tumpangkan ayeesha ameeruddy (Mauritian)
tumpangkan bestfwens juga
seterusnya drive blk sendiri
then sampai umah
solat fardhu
masak sendiri
nasi goreng
then goreng ikan pekasam
makan betik juga
then call Gaagoo Kids
jalan kaki ke Sunway Pyramid
amik gaji yg xsebarapa
deposit cheque ke dlm akaun Maybank
blk semula ke rumah
buat assignment Molecular Biology & Biotechnology essay ckit
buka fishville-bg mkn ikan2
tdo kejap-nikmat btol!! alhamdullillah
wat assignment blk
sampai skang wat lg huhuhu :(
sekian tuk hari ni
wuu da mcm diari la plak

org bujang- saya adalah driver kpd dri sdri, kalo bole auto-drive bestnya!!! huhuhu bersyukur la ainil!! wadoi

p/s: next post!! review dan photos bout SKYTREX ADVENTURE!! very spectacular and extreme!! 3 hours of strenous sky jungle tracking!!! awesome !! happy sgt ni :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wall climbing again!!!

bersama komuniti MWAC (Monash Wild Adventure Club) ke Extreme Park Shah Alam..syiok!!

wow!! toughnya wanita ni dari belakang~~ haha pasan

mydin, a wonderful friend..jgn main2..he also an avid climber..mountaineers gak!! tu bkn patah tgn ye..hmm susa la nk cter kt cni huhu

Samantha (girl in black)- my new girlfriend from Abu Dhabi ..

kitten yg terbiar..sian

p/s: x upload my pic sgt kt cni coz byk aksi yg xmatang and menampakkan my lower body parts and bentuk2 pabila memakai harness tersebut while climbing, ade pun i wont tell which is me ahaks ..adeh malu2 hahaha gedix jek

photos downloaded from nur uzair jais - our photographer :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my page: do pay a visit :)

P/S: it would be my photo blog, just created few days ago. hmm to gori. this is it huhu
i'll explain later. huhu

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i-city shah alam

peoz- photographer of that day

me and brian (my best buddy)

p/s: ujan n xpuas bergambar pd mlm tuh :P

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