Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm changing my elective unit..Now i'm taking ECOLOGY instead of FOOD SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY..huhu

FOOD SCIENCE is the application of food to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe, nutritious and wholesome food . (i got the chance to be a food scientist, who knows)--- eg: working in food factory like GARDENIA bakery.
On the other hand, ECOLOGY is the study of the ecosystems--------->>>(my fav!!) coz it has 3 days field trip!! gagagaga
ECOLOGIST---> scuba dive, hike here & there, explore places, travel places, socialize with nature and many more!! (won't be working indoor all the time)...

OK! i've already made my mind... i don't want food science unit as it got 8 lab reports to be accomplished within this semester. ECOLOGY ---------with just 2 assignments!! superb haha (pemalas) and taking this as my elective will lessen my burden lol and i don't wanna be an food technologist in this semester coz it will fatten me hahaha (make sense lol)
i wanna be an ecologist coz i got to see fireflies + mangrove swamp + rainforest + taking samples (in the field trip)..i'm a mountain hiker so my tendency is of coz towards mother nature!!
and i'm already taking FOOD MICROBIOLOGY (microbiology again!! i love playing with microscope and sample staining) in this semester so FOOD science will be a CONTRA to it as food microbe will disgust me with all the fancy microorganisms inhabiting the foods. huhuhu this later will be a thwart towards my eagerness to learn food science (requires tasting and experimenting foods). well ..actually i don't know- the fact is i don't wanna attend 3 hours of lab session and cramming my mind with the reports...huhu

By taking ECOLOGY I got another chance to tighten up my bond-linkage (hehehehe) with DR. CATHERINE YULE which was my ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE lecturer during my 1st year. She is an ecologist + scuba diver and she knows well bout Malaysia ecosystem more than i do huhu (i'm a Malaysian, what a shame)... she could speak Malay too..
same goes to my PLANT BIOTECH lecturer---> DR. CHARLES who is also a foreigner yet he knows very well bout pitcher plants and BORNEO more than the locals..he climbed mount KINABALU more often than any avid local climbers (excluding the mountaineers there & the tour guide) ---the purpose was to study pitcher plants..he is keen to plants and he is one of discoverer for the new species of pitcher plants in the world... impressive .. we did saw him in SABAH last year during summer break..maybe to study those plants or climbing up mount Kinabalu again...(adeh malu + segan ngn dorg).

Moreover, i got some guidances in ECOLOGY as quite a number of my friends got HIGH DISTINCTION & DISTINCTION in this subject. .... (borrowed their past assignments and reports hihihi)

p/s: already borrowed two BOOKS from my dad home library bout foods---- i thought i won't change anything but its OK... those books are so beneficial ------- as my health guide. .. :)

love reading science + factual books --- SCIENCE ---it runs in my blood!! :P (a lot of pressure and thinking skills, i'm getting bald) huhu
hmm in this semester... i am a geneticist, a food microbiologist, an ecologist and molecular biotechnologist huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm so dead.

my notebook (like an art student rite?? kihkih)


  1. ehh? bkn ade 3 lab report je ke?

  2. ko pun amek food science ke?? cni ade 8 lab session la.huhu
    1st day gi klas dia aku da xde hati

  3. waaaa...
    lawa la notebook...
    sgt kewl...

  4. ecology...


    close to nature...

    i like2


  5. laahhh..ko ni, mmg lah ade 8. tp y ambik kire 3 je.

  6. huh yo la janji aku bahagia
    aku xmo gi lab 3 jam jek.

  7. cantek artwork kat notebook tu.. saye suke... :D

  8. owh u finally made ur decision...

    i pon tak pasti yg mana lebih mudah utk dpt keje tapi yg pastinya agak sukar utk jadi female food technologist kat msia ni (kilang nk lelaki jer).

    myself pon end up jd nutritionist, tp kat kompeni pharmaceutical. he he. but it's ok la.. semuanya rezeki Allah.

  9. hmm environmentalist + cosmetic scientist (tamak kan?)
    sbb org skang tgh obsess nk cantek..jd cosmetic sceintist = will earn a lot of cash + help people
    pray for me



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