Sunday, March 7, 2010

i'm crazy!!!!!

I desperately want a baby!!, But I don't have a spouse hhuhu AND!! I've loss a bit faith in marriage at the moment huhuhuhu and STILL!! i want to have a baby someday i would be great to be a mom....

I am beginning to feel desperate. Am I crazy for wanting A BABY??!! I think I'm not crazy, nor I'm not alone. Many women who enjoy newborns and young babies mourn the loss of the opportunity to have a child. Sometimes the desire for a baby takes on a force so strong that a woman becomes not only frustrated, but depressed. Naturally, i want babies right after my marriage. (huhuhu mcm gatal sgt kan???)

I believe MY FUTURE husband understands my pain to have babies, even if he does not agree to have a child...I'll compel him!!! (IMPOSSIBLE- My husband has to be a child-lover ahaks). I wanna buy baby clothes, toys and shoes bit by bit after this.... haha crazy AINIL!! i dunno what's the gender of my 1st baby so I'll just buy anything that i like..auuww can't wait.. my maternal instinct is flaring up like crazy rite now!!

my roommate's nephew ADAM

p/s: a bit controversial post from me!! coz i haven't married, however tend to develop jealousy towards peoples who have beautiful super cute babies hahaha :P


  1. salam..can I speak in malay..he he
    pandangan saya..jodoh ketentuan di tangan tuhan..ada insan yang berkahwin lama masih belum di kurniakan Allah zuriat..berlainan pula pasangan yang belum berkahwin dapat anak dan buang ibarat sampah..maka bersyukur apa yang ada pada kita kerana ada rahmat Allah di sebaliknya..wassalam..

  2. hai cik kak...we're in the same situation. Jeles betul tengok baby2 orang lain, even kat shopping complex pon mesti nak cubit-cubit.

    Wanna be a very good mum, gonna indulge my baby.

  3. so let's get married then.. he he he :)

  4. just married who try 2 find a me hehehe

  5. hahaha,
    ade gak camtuh ek?
    kawen je laa..
    tp kena ingat, kawen nih bukan utk wat anak je..
    yg penting adalah komitmen terhadap perkahwinan..
    (dh mcam kaunselor kawen dh...)

  6. i understand why sometime its good for women to hv baby....some of my fren already hv baby...
    and d baby is like a gift....
    gift dat we will appreciate more than other gift...
    a gift dat will completely change their feature...
    i want one too someday

  7. yizz 4 what tu ainil?.. dh berubah jd 'nak kawen' lak ke?..

  8. Salam ziarah. Oh that baby so cute :)

  9. sape ckp aku nk kawen gori ahaks
    happily being single forever :P

  10. kahwen lah sgra.. baby itu rezeki :)

  11. thnx for dropping by..

    drop back..
    baby tu comel btw..

  12. kawen je la beb..
    supercute adam..

  13. for now, i xde feling nk de baby kot.
    tp future i nk!
    i nak anak kemba.

  14. ad rzki insyaAllah :)

  15. cute!, just like me when im a baby =P

  16. biasa la tuh kalau teringin nak baby tu dah biasa bagi bro dan wife...



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