Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Outing @ The Full House Restaurant…

Today, me, Epah, Faten, & nabela headed to Full House at Sunway Pyramid to hang out and yum char with Nabela because her birthday is today (9th MARCH).

A brief introduction of Fullhouse: Fullhouse is a lifestyle store and cafe, where you can dine and shops at the same time. You will feel extremely cozy when you walk in. All around are decorated with attractive items like clock, potted plants, portrait frames, key chains and etc. You are free to purchase if you like them. There are also various collection of beautiful Korean designed clothing which you can purchase too. If shopping is not your intention to Fullhouse, then feel free to find table along the walkway or the balcony to dine. The feeling is as though you are dining at the garden. hERE ARE SOME PICS (mix of good quality and not so good quality photos) ahaks --- (kite org miskin huhuhu)

the decorations

bday gurl berposing

seafood grill

chicken tenderloin

chicken chop

faten with her chicken salad

(muka pnt gler kot dgn eyebag kt bwh mate-after lecture & 3 hours of lab session huu)

p/s: glad- had fun :)


  1. slalu melintas kt kedai ni tp x pernah makan.

    berpatutan x? n sedap x?

  2. i never know dis place before until u post diz entry...
    i will gonna check the specific location for diz restaurant...
    dis place so fashionable,modern n trendy
    thnx ainil

  3. salam..
    sedapnya makanan..lapor la pulok..he he
    anywhere..happy birthday to your friend..
    mata anda tu hiris timun tekapkan..insyaallah hilang..

  4. lawa gle tpt nih. mcm xkat mesia

  5. FOOD PRICES are reasonable and the surrounding sgt best. kt Malaysia ade 2 branches of FUlL HOUSE, satu kt PJ (ara damansara) and satu lg kt Sunway Pyramid (floor LG1).
    the seafood grill is rm20++ only and ice blended drinks = rm6.90

  6. i love itu minicar - sangat comel.. anyway bspotgurl tinggalkan jejak gak ler :)

  7. salam buat tuan umah..
    sedapnyer nengok pic makan tu....pak long doakan moga terus berbahagia....



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