Monday, March 8, 2010

shito -ryu karate do

i'm joining Monash Shito-Ryu Karate DO club back huhuhuhu (which i quit for the last one & half year). AND maybe NUSANTARA CLUB (nusantara dance) -- i danced zapin in 2008 (already rusty)

hopefully i can manage my time to juggle both fitness and studies. I got such a huge PERFECTIONIST attitude which i care so much bout my studies, appearance and all. Hence, juggling these both will balance up my health and stress level. I wanna upgrade my karate skills and I want an athletic figure hahahaha BULKING UP MUSCLES!! of course!! hehehe

I am mountaineer and a late-packer (which had made my calves harden and look like papaya-- really huhuhu) but i don't go to fitness gym except for wall climbing gym (once in a blue moon). I'm into bouldering and wall climbing..yaahaaa i look like a graceful + lembik gurl maybe..but don't judge me by my cover hahahaha i got male hormones too!!

i was a tomboy and i used to mingle with hyper-active people. I was a hyperactive kid ---> which a doctor had labelled me as HYPERACTIVE and he told it to my mama loll...

when i was a tomboy, i used to keep my hair short like boys and people hardly see me wearing girly attire. However, hormonal reactions had generated and transformed me into a lady. (WHICH IS NOW!!!) EVEN though I'm so girlie and feminine, i do outdoor activities for pleasure and i really enjoy it every time, now, and then loll!! My roommate always alert me with any coming night marathon events (to prevent my skin from getting burned- we do night marathon) or any mount expedition organised by MWAC or AIRC.

the best club ever- MWAC

I'm ALREADY an active member of Monash Wild Adventure Club and sometimes we did unofficial trip to local mountains to test our endurance. Other activities were caving, white-water rafting, sky trex, open-track, flying fox, abseiling etc. Now I'm looking forward to do scuba-dive..too bad i've loss my chance to get a free scuba license under MARITIME MALAYSIA where i applied my internship but my mama urge me not to do the intern as my working place will be at Lumut, Perak (TOO FAR from her sight and i'll be all alone---too risky for me) huwaaaa.. the internship job was as Research Assistant in BIO MARINE field of Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia and the staffs have to own scuba license (upgrade till full level)---- super awesome rite?? what a loss huwaa syg

working in the lab (i was holding micropipette)

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  1. salam,this post make me want to join any silat club n also adventure club,,hoho..



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