Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mount Batu Puteh

Mount Batu Puteh near Kuala Woh in Tapah, Perak. Batu Puteh (ranked as 8th highest in Malaysia) easily seen from the North South Expressway but getting to the base of the climb is quite a challenge (copied from Virtual Malaysia- at least i've

cited this, not plagirising but the formatting remain underlined huhu). The trail starts near the Kuala Woh dam and we hired a guide (a friend in UIA).

It was a strenuous climb which took us three days of hike and we've passed a cave on the first day. Huge weathered trails where the trek becomes very steep and dangerously close to a cliff. Well, i have to say that Bt Puteh is not a walk in the park. The peak of Mount Batu Puteh is very big (not as big as Mt Kinabalu) and it is windy and misty. It was 8 of us : Ainil (me), Wan Rizzal, Afiq, Lisa Bradley (Australian), Waheeda (Singaporean), Halim (The Project Manager), Khainis (the guide) and Nia.


verall!! we did 6 and a half hours OF trekking to reach the first campsite. Another 5 and half hours to reach the peak and we took more than 7 hours to go down. the trek is vertical climb....MENTALLY & physically strenous huhu

org Asli settlement

Khainis -our guide

heading to the cave

1st challenge: river crossing

2nd challenge: blood thirst leeches

a butterfly

view from inside the cave (base camp)

On top of Mount Batu Kak (i've mistaken it to be as Mount Batu Puteh huhu)

the makeshift stair

on the peak:

blue butterflies which inhabiting here :)

our climb was towards blue + safer skies hehe

misty rainforest at higher altitude :)

atas lagi??!!! erghh stressing moment (which is 4 hours more walk to the cave)

trees found here (at higher altitude)

blue-winged butterflies on the peak :) so lovely

Pitcher plants: mostly Nepenthes species : these photos are very important for Halim'S assignment (he's taking Environmental Management)

our water source:

nia in the natural spa-like water source


we ate at I LOVE U restaurant somewhere in Kuala Kubu Bharu to satisfy our raging hunger

p/s: menjadi driver and head chef in this trip...pic courtesy of Halim
got bitten by sunflies (agas - in malay) ...took anti-histamine already to reduce inflammation and skin reddening ..hopefully there will be no scarring huhu :(
however!!Mission accomplished… .
next weekend?? maybe white water rafting in Perak or doing homework huhu
haven't decide yet.
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