Tuesday, April 20, 2010

depressed for my own doing

my friend came over to my house, at that moment, i just got back from my lab session...
i removed my hijab and went down stair to collect my laundry
she saw me...she saw me ..i've changed..she noticed..gagaga
she said: why u look CHUBBY?? (mcm la slama ni cengkung heh)
i replied: i've gained 2 kilograms (think so -right after hiking mount dato'----maybe increased density of muscle :P )
-end of conversation-

blame it on me: i over-ate
ohh fat ainil ---
am I being ungrateful?? huhu
da kena bebel dgn my aunt pasal body image disorder byk kali!!
she claimed that i am not fat at all... (i guess i got a huge body frame + fleshy + chunky gurl)
she added that my height & weight is so proportionate which i don't need to put down my weight

hummm BUT! seriously.. i'm done with myself ...i had enough!! i need to be slim on my wedding day!! kalo bole nk pkai bju pengantin bile da sampai puncak gunung & wat photo shoot skali (oh berangan lebey2) haha :P padan la muka kamu ainil, sape soh miss out hiking trip gi Bukit Saga last weekend pastu x gi Gunung Bujang Melaka/BEKELAH waterfall sblm tuh..oh rugi2..tu yg xmaintain berat bdn tuh aisshhh
ok!! life must go on..next hiking trip: will be Mount Batu Puteh, Tapah!! 3 days, 3 nights...

p/s: everything is fat!! fat lips, fat ainil huhuhu (emotional)
ain't perfect

a view to kill sbb depress (terbalik- to create an optical illusion)

best x tgk pic terbalik?? extreme kan?? :P
try la terbalikkan pc bile nk tgk ye huhu


  1. u dont look fat at all..or chubby...just pretty! =)

  2. salam singgah..
    apa khabar?
    lama tak de entri baru
    gambar terbalik pening tengok..he he
    badan dah berisi..ok jer nampak?so far
    muda lagi enjoy your life..

  3. x gemok punn.. bella tgk.. cantik jerk nih... ermm sakit tengkuk tgk gmbr terbalik.. heheheh salam singgah nil...

  4. no need to worry about fat or slim..as long as u happy and healthy..it is good enuf :)



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