Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Name: Ainil Hawa
Age: 21 and 3 months
Location: in my house
Background: Javanese + Malay + Pakistan + Chinese Baba Nyonya (mix parentage)
Nationality: Malaysia
Married/Engaged? : Happily living single
Do you want to get married? no comment..haha
Kids? yes InshaAllah cute babies
Have you been to Hajj or Umrah? not yet
How many masaajid have you been to? more then 10 I Believe
Who are some of your favorite recitors? Sami Al Dosari
When did you first start fasting? When I was 7 Alhamdulillah
What's your usual outift like when you go out? Jeans, long sleeve top, long-dress/shirt top thingy, a cardigan or Jacket, Hijab and many accessories with headbands and flowery clips..
What do you like about blogging? the randomness
How do you pin your hijab? at the right places to cover up myself :)
What's something that annoys you at Jummah: when i see guys don't go to Mosque to perform Jummaah prayer. its so saddening to see such fit and healthy men disobeying what is compulsory to them..
What was the last surah you read? (not recited in salah) Sural Al-Imraan
Do you brush your teeth for fajr salah? yes, sometimes
Have you ever been part of an Islamic matrimonial site?I personally did.. but i don't have the istiqamah haha and i don't feel like knowing opposite sex with this kind of approach
What color is the rug in the masjid you usually attend?blue + yellow.. and mostly are green
Have you ever washed a dead body before? have not.
What's the weirdest thing that happened to you in solah? when I was about to sujud, a baby sat on my praying mat..which made me waited her to move away for quite a time huhu then the baby tore down my lecture notes when i was praying..huwaa
What's something haram that you think most people don't know? Smoking, dating ..
What's the craziest hijabi fashion you've seen? gothic hijabi..saw one at Times Square ...with her black leggings which is inappropriate for a muslimah to wear as it wasn't covering at all.
Favourite flower? roses, and other flowers with pleasant smells
Heels or flats? HEEELLS :) especially wedges
Do you drink energy drinks? sometimes..(after a lot of sweating/dehydration) strictly after strenous physical activities.. as it is unhealthy to drink it up when u're doing nothing (too much glucose !!)
Do you drink juice? yes..
Most embarrassing moment? when I was on the tape for Monash TV, the fellas asked me to show my talent. and i said 'i think i got none' haha then i was forced to dance ..i danced zapin (my skill is so rusty)!! huwaaa it was a terrible dance i ever did!! so embarassing..i look so stupid and i feel stupid at the moment..
Do you get mad easy? Yeah!! if you provoke me or violated my rights haha
Any phobias? lizards, death
Do you bite your nails? i WAS ... (during primary school)
Have you ever had a near death experience? Alhamdullilah, no
Do you drink coffee? nope.. i don't take caffeine.. it will alter my natural hormone reaction :)
Where is your cell phone? on the bed
What room are you in? Mine
Where did you grow up? Malaysia
Your friends? extraordinary, I lost some and gained more so and right now with everything that going on I know who true one are ..
Missing someone? Baby Kamariah
Your mood? calm + a bit stress out huhu


  1. salam...
    ermmmmmp..tak berkenan satu jer..
    nape takut mati..sebab mati itu pasti
    cuma jangan dicari..

  2. wsalam
    hehe yes..saya mmg takot ngn kematian
    saya xseswai jadi medical doktor..



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