Monday, May 31, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.4)

Alua Tussupbekova

From: Kazakhstan
Course: Economics & Management (2nd year)
Second trip to Malaysia
She is a Muslim :)

When you came here, what were the challenges you faced?
I came here with my mum. The 1st thing we did was to go to IKEA and buy stuff for my apartment. I realize there are a lot of students from my country here so I guess I was okay.

What do you think of people here?
Well, what else I can say? They are nice and helpful.

How do you find Malaydia so far? Is it very different from your life in Kazakhstan?
My life here is very 'fixed'. I do the same thing everyday. Its routine. Back home, like in summer holidays, I worked in an Italian restaurant. Everything is different in Kazakhstan.

What about the food? Do you like it?
It is really very spicy. I can't really take the Indian and Malay food here. I like the Chinese food though. And yes, I realize there's rice in almost all Malaysian's dishes.

What is the culture like in Kazakhstan?
It is a mainly Muslim culture. There's the Nuaryz Festival which is like the Chinese New Year here. It's a big thing. Then we have this very special National Sport called Kures. It's like wrestling.

p/s: sorry for the late updates regarding the interview series guyS!!~~
i've been so busy! huhu
Alua is a member of Monash Islamic Society here :)
she is cool.. and cute :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.3)

Claire Lhériteau

All the way from 'city of love', Paris, she is a jolly and outgoing French student.
She's taking Bachelor of Arts here in Monash. Been here for almost 10 months.

What was the 1st thing that you noticed when you arrived in Malaysia?
One of the 1st things I noticed was the religious difference between here and my country, that is, the fact that the main religion here is Islam. I am Catholic, so it was kind of strange to me. I also noticed that there many different churches and religions. Oh, I also found that the weather to be quite odd at first, bu then I got used to it and started loving the place!

When did it suddenly hit you that you actually have to live in and adapt to this place?
Well, my moment of truth came about a week after I had arrived. My friends and I had gone sightseeing in Malacca, and it was awesome. After our visit then came orientation week and that is when reality hit! That is when I knew for sure that I was no longer on holiday and that I was going to have to make Malaysia my home away from home.

Any challenges so far?
No, not really, except the food. Too spicy! And the only other thing that has given me a problem so far is the transportation. At first, I wasn't sure how to go about the city. But I quickly found my way around so I'm okay now.

What about the people? How have they treated you so far? Be honest! :)
(Chuckles) The people here are great. I think they are open-minded and curious. There's no racism or anything like that so far, but they ask quite a lot of questions.They ask us questions like "Why are you in Malaysia when France has so many good schools?".

Really? And what do you say?
I just shrug and laugh and say "coz I like Malaysia'.

p/s: she is just about my size! (her height) (small-figured like Asian people). SUPERCUTE!


Al-Fatihah kepada Allahyarhamah: Muntamah Bt Abdullah (my great-grandmother) yang telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada usia 102 tahun. Beliau telah pergi kira2 pukul 8.00 pada malam Jumaat di Hospital Serdang due to BILIARY SEPSIS.
Beliau telah selamat dikebumikan selepas solat Jumaat di Tanah Perkuburan Sg. Ramal Dalam, Kajang.
Semoga roh beliau ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Amin.

p/s: semoga dirahmati Allah..masa kita juga akan tiba..cuma cepat atau lambat sahaja..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.2)

Catherine Linde

Meet a friend, Catherine. She has two grown sons who are 20 and 21 at home, she proves that it is never too late to embark on an academic journey! She's taking Bachelor in Behavioral Science here in Monash.
She came from Torogon, Australia.

Why did you come back to school after so many years?
I was in the IT industry before I had some health issues, so I had to stop.

It's a big change from IT to psychology. What made you choose psychology?
I like talking to people, helping them to get better. I'm interested in physiology and psychology. I'm hoping to get PhD which is six more years to go..

How do you feel bout going back to university? It is tough?
It is so much easier nowadays. You have computers and everything in the net. Things are so easy for students now.

So how do you find Malaysia?
It's a big city, something like L.A. I have lived LA before and it's a lot like here; skycrappers and all.

What's it like in Torogon?
There are a lot of farm lands and animals. It's really peaceful.

What do you think of the people here?
People here are contrasting. There are people who are really covered but others are really open. There are those who are really out-going in nature whereas some are more conservative.

Diversity is our thing . What do you dislike bout Malaysia?
The environment! The rubbish, pollution in water and air. It's really bad like L.A.

P/S: she's really outgoing and friendly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.1)

Athénaïs Delacour

she hails from Paris, the city of romance..she is a French student who possesses a smile bright as the Malaysian Sun! been here for almost 11 months now. She's taking Bachelor of Arts.

What was the first thing that crossed your mind the moment you walked out thru the doors of the airport??
The climate! It made my skin sticky and the smell was odd. But otherwise I found the whole cultural experience to be fascinating-everything was just great.

Memorable things so far?
The people. I think they are quite memorable in their own right, very open minded too, asking a lot of questions. The places of worships like the mosques & the churches...all beautiful! The only thing I don't like is the way the men stare at me when I'm walking past. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Any funny stories?
We were in Malacca with some friends and we got attacked by monkeys. We were really scared at first so we started running and screaming like a bunch of crazy people. Then we started laughing at ourselves. It was really funny!

What are the differences from your home country in France?
Oh France is very different from Malaysia-the weather is not humid, and the people are very expressive while here they are quiet. I miss my family, and my bf but I'm happy here :)

i wanted to discover Malaysia and Asia in general and it was a good decision and I don't regret it one bit.

Any interests?
I do taekwando and I'm not much a shopper. Clubbing in Malaysia is very good but alcohol is very expensive and not as good as France.

Last thoughts bout Malaysia?
I love Malaysia and truly treasure my experiences here.

p/s: courtesy of MONGA, her facebook and MWAC photos
and I really agree with her!! Malaysian men love to drop a stare whenever they see girls
walking past them. next post will be about fun filled experiences of my other friends here in Monash.TUNGGU!!!~~

Friday, May 14, 2010


gOT LOTS of re-blog posts which i like or adore :)
some crazy pictures of me
lunatic/DEMENTED side / immature side of AINIL HAWA

~feel free to add me up~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Light painting

pic courtesy of Omar (a friend and an excellent photographer)

the famous light painter :Basyir

p/s: supercool!! and really smart! captured in low light + paint: torch light/hp light
we've done this in our camping trips (in my entry bout Mount Dato' )

u want more?? here are some links for cool pics taken by Omar :

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eyebag + dark circle issue!

how to eliminate eye-bags ?
sometimes i develop ugly dark circle around my eyes
i look tired and aged with these bags
i've tried tea bags..
i've tried cucumber..
maybe i need blepharopasty..(obnoxiously expensive)
i need to remove it!!ergh see!!:

if can be erased by an eraser..i would simply erase it right away!! hate you ugly bags!!

ainil without dark circle (which is rare):

p/s: just bear with me..i got body image disorder. i always distressing myself :(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

"Dan Allah mengeluarkan kamu dari perut ibu kamu dengan keadaan tidak mengetahui sesuatupun; dan Dia mengurniakan kepada kamu pendengaran dan penglihatan serta hati akal fikiran; supaya kamu bersyukur." [al-Nahl 16:78] HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers in the world.

i WAS the only daughter lol (when i was few months old)

HapPY mama's DAY to my MAMA : Sufiah Binti Suparjos Rahumat
i love u now, then and forever
i like her cook
i like her work/arts in sewing
i feel safe and secure in her arms
she is my supermama : she juggle her marriage together with her business
she juggle our family welfare + her ibadah + almost everything!!
she can do anything not only house chores!! including gun shooting --she's a champion in her community (i think this is impressive huhu)
eventhough i'm a mix blood from 4 different races... (most of them came from my father)
i'm proud to claim myself as a JAVANESE
i'm a java ranger like my mama (so bias!)
coz i can speak Javanese fluently..haha :P
mama i love you..

p/s: mama, nnti Ainil da keje...and bila my economic standing da stable..mama cakap je nak ape ye...i'll materialize anything which u desire coz i owe you a lot!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


SALAM. i've been tagged by superkind NANIE, she gave me this:

1. buat entry tentang award ni..

2. copy badge Beautiful Blogger Award

3. say
THANK YOU and LINKBACK kepada pemberi award pd entri anda.. --> Allah bless you nanie, thank you..i owe you the are so sensible :)

4. senaraikan
10 penerima blogger award yang seterusnya...(i've change it to 10, initially i suppose to tag 15 but seriously i'm in HURRY!! got piles of assignments to do!!)

zulkbo-- gave me lots of opinion and at the same time being really friendly (in virtual way)
mai ---- my ex-schoolmate in MRSM KKB
adib--- a monash friend in Gippsland, Australia
lynn nasir--a superwoman (i personally think she can do anything with her magic fingers)
fikaryna--- blogger tegar :) --- she owns such a supercool blog
kamaryeah-- her name!! i like her name ... :) (so classy!!)
bob - a friend in monash and former schoolmate in MRSM KK
milie- my room mate :) (a mountaineer too!! yeah2!!)
nia - a friend in monash who loves to travel (a mountaineer too!!)
gori- mybestfriend

p/s: kalo anda da pernah terima award ini..just assume u've been awarded it twice.. it means y0u are a (beautiful blogger)2 .. :)

In addition, i took this award from nanie :
thank you nanie for tagging your followers
like i've said before: i owe you the world hehe :)

> State 7 things about yourself <--
really care bout my studies
i got body image disorder :P
really care about my future
i love nature -dats why i love hiking

my last word: "Listen to yourself, Live to please yourself but remember you are part of the world" huhu

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I LOVE the fondant and topping. had these lovely cupcakes for a friend's birthday last year
the theme:SUPERBIKE
as he own a superbike and he is a cool rider point is: i'm planning to order PETRONAS (is it relevant/irrelevant??) theme cupcakes for my aunt's workers .. to show my gratitude to them as they helped me in my work
i had achieved a lot of personal growth thru the experience
this entry is not intended to show off anything..don't misinterpret me :P hehe ..just to share with you guys some unique images of the cupcakes:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

i've lose my sanity

i've intended to DONATE my blood...tapi!! tekanan darah rendah pula arini ~~
ni mesti sbb assignments!! huhu wat pala runsing and my biological clock had messed up ..
then pening gler kepala arini.....trase nk join paintball battle this rse membazir masa, duit petrol, duit
baik wat lab repot/stadi ..btol x?? huhu
paintball di TANAH merah, sg. buloh..hmm TAPI..akan rase sdey xwat aktiviti lasak dis saya otot kaki 3 round panjat tngga batu caves ... sbb saya nk naik gunung lg!!! yeay!!

muka da gila: juggling fitness with my studies

p/s: jom layan website CLUB saya join ...:

Saturday, May 1, 2010


-facebook always divert my attention towards my assignments-
-the games, the fancy notifications and THE applications are so damn entertaining and so wasting my time-
-sangat2 lagha (perkara sia2) huhu = menghampiri syirik khafi sekiranya melakukan perkara bukan kerana Allah Taala, oh sgt membazir waktu!!-
-Oh my facebook, u are too obnoxious and too ISRAEL for me huhu-
- i need to halt u for a moment-
-cannot delete entirely it as my friends keep tagging me with important assignment photos (genetic experiments and microbiology results) , invitation to important events ( my cousin's wed - the map to his other half house!!), my important friend's network (my kind of network - ex-schoolmates, Monashian, teachers, consultants, my dentist, relatives, my tutor) daily notes update bout fadhilat 99 NAMA Allah by my friend-
-why people?? why facebook?? from all the existing social network, why facebook is so convenient and helpful??-
-thus, what i manage to do at the moment is just deactivating it : for quite a while i'll be logging in to copy my photos which my friends tagged me (in wall climbing, in cultural nite and all) :(
-struggling hard in building my future, or else i will be questioned in Alam Barzarkh later if i was not dishonest in utilizing the scholarship which i've got-
-saya gune duit rakyat ni WOO(tajaan MARA)-
-ini adalah amanah dari rakyat dan bangsa tuk belajar rajin2 sterusnya membalas jasa rakyat dgn berkhidmat kpd mereka kelak (for instance: cipta ubat cancer or anything dlm bidang pharmaceutical..insyaALLAH)-

P/S: pndai btol la fb ni umpan saya dgn statement: 'your friends will miss you'
cet!! u've failed (partially works to me la huhu)
Allah please forgive me :(
i was always forgot and prioritised what was not compulsory and what was not under my responsibility..oh MY!!! gengblogger is connected to fb huhu
then, i wonder hmm does blogging is lagha?? huhuhu NO~~ just sharing out my thoughts and opinions - and blogwalking is so beneficial and is a very knowledgeable activity as i gain knowledge/ information

Myself -being modern yet conservatively islamic minded :) (ALWAYS IMPROVING, insyaAllah)

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