Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.1)

Athénaïs Delacour

she hails from Paris, the city of romance..she is a French student who possesses a smile bright as the Malaysian Sun! been here for almost 11 months now. She's taking Bachelor of Arts.

What was the first thing that crossed your mind the moment you walked out thru the doors of the airport??
The climate! It made my skin sticky and the smell was odd. But otherwise I found the whole cultural experience to be fascinating-everything was just great.

Memorable things so far?
The people. I think they are quite memorable in their own right, very open minded too, asking a lot of questions. The places of worships like the mosques & the churches...all beautiful! The only thing I don't like is the way the men stare at me when I'm walking past. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Any funny stories?
We were in Malacca with some friends and we got attacked by monkeys. We were really scared at first so we started running and screaming like a bunch of crazy people. Then we started laughing at ourselves. It was really funny!

What are the differences from your home country in France?
Oh France is very different from Malaysia-the weather is not humid, and the people are very expressive while here they are quiet. I miss my family, and my bf but I'm happy here :)

i wanted to discover Malaysia and Asia in general and it was a good decision and I don't regret it one bit.

Any interests?
I do taekwando and I'm not much a shopper. Clubbing in Malaysia is very good but alcohol is very expensive and not as good as France.

Last thoughts bout Malaysia?
I love Malaysia and truly treasure my experiences here.

p/s: courtesy of MONGA, her facebook and MWAC photos
and I really agree with her!! Malaysian men love to drop a stare whenever they see girls
walking past them. next post will be about fun filled experiences of my other friends here in Monash.TUNGGU!!!~~


  1. ade lg yg cantik2 and single
    tggu sok lusa ye

  2. die rindu kan bf die..hakhak

    di Malaysia ni sy ade,,,bole tlg temankan...hehehe

  3. salam Ainil Hawa..
    ermmmp..hebat kawan2 you
    kalaulah boleh di tarbiyah
    mesti lagi best..

  4. hahaha.
    u tahukan amenakin tu cantik.
    love her smokey eyes.

    ni program pertukaran pelajarkah?

  5. oh ni bukan exchange programme
    dorg pilih to be here even though France got so many good schools :)
    they are nice and suke sgt tnya psl why i wear hijab

  6. hmm..best gler dpt kwn ngan foreign student..
    xde ke gamba dy pkai bju kurung..
    hehe, mmg r, org laki tgk dy sbb dy cun..omputih lg..hehe

  7. ohh dia tggi kot
    sgt convenient haha

  8. Nice one ! suka baca Q n A mcm ni. hope to see some more :)

    p/s: thanx for dropping by my blog :)

  9. ~x tau la ko buat closeup interview ngan athenais..hu3..tp compare to athenais..ak rase ak lg ske katharine linde..cbe ko interview die lak..:)

  10. haha katherine mmg close kot ngn kite sume
    byk bnda dia share...
    dia mmg best la

  11. I guess if we are overseas we would also find the new place fascinating and alien..and will always miss home.Thank you for sharing.

  12. French people suka rushing especially at subway & metro train station..berjalan kaki seolah2 kena kejar hantu...ini based on my experience visit Paris dulu.. huhu



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