Thursday, May 20, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.2)

Catherine Linde

Meet a friend, Catherine. She has two grown sons who are 20 and 21 at home, she proves that it is never too late to embark on an academic journey! She's taking Bachelor in Behavioral Science here in Monash.
She came from Torogon, Australia.

Why did you come back to school after so many years?
I was in the IT industry before I had some health issues, so I had to stop.

It's a big change from IT to psychology. What made you choose psychology?
I like talking to people, helping them to get better. I'm interested in physiology and psychology. I'm hoping to get PhD which is six more years to go..

How do you feel bout going back to university? It is tough?
It is so much easier nowadays. You have computers and everything in the net. Things are so easy for students now.

So how do you find Malaysia?
It's a big city, something like L.A. I have lived LA before and it's a lot like here; skycrappers and all.

What's it like in Torogon?
There are a lot of farm lands and animals. It's really peaceful.

What do you think of the people here?
People here are contrasting. There are people who are really covered but others are really open. There are those who are really out-going in nature whereas some are more conservative.

Diversity is our thing . What do you dislike bout Malaysia?
The environment! The rubbish, pollution in water and air. It's really bad like L.A.

P/S: she's really outgoing and friendly.


  1. salam Ainil Hawa..
    hebat semangat rakan anda ini
    moga semangat ini juga akan ada
    pada anak2 gadis dan wanita melayu
    kita di sini...

  2. salam..
    KL is more likely as LA..

    btw, interview la lg..
    best r ada rmai foreigner friends..

  3. salam kenal dari
    kalau ade mase singgahlah ke blog saye :)



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