Monday, May 31, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.4)

Alua Tussupbekova

From: Kazakhstan
Course: Economics & Management (2nd year)
Second trip to Malaysia
She is a Muslim :)

When you came here, what were the challenges you faced?
I came here with my mum. The 1st thing we did was to go to IKEA and buy stuff for my apartment. I realize there are a lot of students from my country here so I guess I was okay.

What do you think of people here?
Well, what else I can say? They are nice and helpful.

How do you find Malaydia so far? Is it very different from your life in Kazakhstan?
My life here is very 'fixed'. I do the same thing everyday. Its routine. Back home, like in summer holidays, I worked in an Italian restaurant. Everything is different in Kazakhstan.

What about the food? Do you like it?
It is really very spicy. I can't really take the Indian and Malay food here. I like the Chinese food though. And yes, I realize there's rice in almost all Malaysian's dishes.

What is the culture like in Kazakhstan?
It is a mainly Muslim culture. There's the Nuaryz Festival which is like the Chinese New Year here. It's a big thing. Then we have this very special National Sport called Kures. It's like wrestling.

p/s: sorry for the late updates regarding the interview series guyS!!~~
i've been so busy! huhu
Alua is a member of Monash Islamic Society here :)
she is cool.. and cute :)


  1. haha...i thought she is malay girl when see the pictures...muke cam melayu jek...

  2. salam Ainil Hawa..
    send my salam ukhwah
    to your friend..

  3. ~ainil..alua bkan menang jd treasurer MIS ke?penat ak undi hari tu..ha3..:P

  4. standing to face new challenges in life. good luck =)



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