Saturday, May 22, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no.3)

Claire Lhériteau

All the way from 'city of love', Paris, she is a jolly and outgoing French student.
She's taking Bachelor of Arts here in Monash. Been here for almost 10 months.

What was the 1st thing that you noticed when you arrived in Malaysia?
One of the 1st things I noticed was the religious difference between here and my country, that is, the fact that the main religion here is Islam. I am Catholic, so it was kind of strange to me. I also noticed that there many different churches and religions. Oh, I also found that the weather to be quite odd at first, bu then I got used to it and started loving the place!

When did it suddenly hit you that you actually have to live in and adapt to this place?
Well, my moment of truth came about a week after I had arrived. My friends and I had gone sightseeing in Malacca, and it was awesome. After our visit then came orientation week and that is when reality hit! That is when I knew for sure that I was no longer on holiday and that I was going to have to make Malaysia my home away from home.

Any challenges so far?
No, not really, except the food. Too spicy! And the only other thing that has given me a problem so far is the transportation. At first, I wasn't sure how to go about the city. But I quickly found my way around so I'm okay now.

What about the people? How have they treated you so far? Be honest! :)
(Chuckles) The people here are great. I think they are open-minded and curious. There's no racism or anything like that so far, but they ask quite a lot of questions.They ask us questions like "Why are you in Malaysia when France has so many good schools?".

Really? And what do you say?
I just shrug and laugh and say "coz I like Malaysia'.

p/s: she is just about my size! (her height) (small-figured like Asian people). SUPERCUTE!


  1. she's about your size?? so rare, for sure she's cute becoz she already are..:PP

    .. what is your size btw?

  2. yeah she is cute
    her height is relatively similar as mine
    my size?? average size for a malaysian gurl kot huhu (my height and weight)

    i got another friend from aussie which is smaller than me!! haha lisa bradley
    she is cute too

  3. singgah sambil usha minah saleh..uhuhu

  4. sungai sendat pakai pun sendat..ngeeee



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