Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My colleague's challenges, pleasure of living and studying in MALAYSIA (no. 5)

Moloto Thomas
from: Johannesburg, South Africa
Course: Economics and Management (3rd year)
Second trip to Malaysia

Why Malaysia, twice?
Well the 1st time was mainly because of the affordability. Everything here semmed cheap; the tuition fees, food etc. The 2nd time was because my friend Justin recommended that I come back here, mainly to get more experience in my work filed and stuff.

Let's talk bout culture shock. Were you shocked, so to speak, when you walked out thru the doors at the airport?
O yes! First of all, the weather.... the heat & humidity was way too much for me. And secondly, I thought the food is all fatty, everything is fried- the fried rice, the noodles and other local dishes. And thirdly, I couldn't get used to the way the Muslim women dress. It's totally different from how the women back home dress. Oh and I was also suprised to find that there are a lot more other Africans in Malaysia, mainly from Botswana and Nigeria.

What do you like about Malaysia so far?
There's really a lot to like about Malaysia. I like the fact that food and everything else here is cheap.

Did you face any challenges so far?
(Giggles) Getting girls has been a challenge. (Pulls serious face) And the traffic. The driving is really bad compared to Johannesburg.

What is your interest?
Well my only interest thus far are clubbing, soccer and of course, girls!

Your thoughts about Malaysia?
Its a great place and I would recommend it to anyone.

p/s: he had conquered Mount Dato' :)
Bravo Thomas

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tag Mr. Happy eh Ms. Happy la

dpt tag dari khalidah!

ADAkah anda rasa happy sekarang?

XSGT sbb nak exam! nervous sbb byk lg nk kena revise.. ni pun curi masa huhu :(

2. Kenapa anda rasa happy?

xhepi pun

3. Apakah yang boleh membuatkan anda happy?

tdo yg ckup, segalanya yg ckup dan kejayaan.

4. Pernah anda menerima tag.


5. Nyatakan warna yang anda suka.

biru, emas, hitam & purple

6. Beritahu 9 orang yang anda mahu tag.

Calon-calonnya ialah:

*all my followers! u r welcome to tag urself!! :)

saya xnk specify anyone sbb saya nk jadi adil :P
lgpn kena smbg stadi ni bye!
wish me luck

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Cousin's birthday party

venue: Ampang Indah
birthday person : Shazrein Natasha Shahrel (9 years old)
these are photos taken from the party: enjoy ! :P

kanak2 ribena (my cousins)

her birthday cake

haha sume kanak2 ye! . sorg minah tuh mcm mak budak pun ade

birthday gurl :Tasha

p/s: beruntung btol kanak2 zaman sekarang... mse sy kecik saya xde bday celebration mcm ni ..tp berpeluang juga menyelit :P kehkeh
ok ciao nk smbg stadi

Sunday, June 13, 2010

chubby is the new sexy???

i wish chubby is the new sexy
yeah i am chubby
and being chubbier means i'm happy
being chubby means I maybe BECAME healthier :P
does it matter whether i'm fat, chubby or skinny?
i work out whenever I can
however i'm definitely still chubby huhu
thank you God. i'm healthy and medically fit.
Allah looks to your heart and deeds not to your face and wealths, Ainil!!~

with my cousin, Zawin before she went to perform her umrah.

another cousin: Zaimah

so obvious :( huhu i'm the chubbiest

p/s: in May ( last month)...I didn't go to any mount expedition which had let me down.. can i still label myself as an avid mountaineer?? nahhh!! LOSER!
and i wish mosquitoes and leeches suck out fats rather than blood!! then i'll be happy to hike Bukit Gasing/ Broga Hill/ Pak San Hill everyday and donate my fats to be sucked by them!! weeee~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

my sweaty nose

i ain't gorgeous
just the shawl
yeah i'm chubby
that's the fact
love this shawl
so worthy
got it from my housemate
she owns a blogshop-----------> http://tudsbynajard.blogspot.com/

p/s: i am human, human do sweat huhu sorry if my sweaty nose seems indecent to be shown here haha

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Im's Birthday celebration at Bora Ombak

The birthday guy

the lawyers (all of them!!)..

bkn tgn saya ni

yg kt tgh tuh bajet nk jadi lady gaga pkai ribbon bsr kt kepala. uweekk
tembamnya pipi

the biotechnologists lak huhu
hoi ape kes muka separuh mcm tuh??
cari pasal ni. aissh

bORA OMBAK, ampang
The restaurant features Balinese theme.
The background music was a peaceful petiticious piece. We felt like dancing ethnic dance on the stage haha.
We've celebrated Rahim's 22nd birthday HERE.
The cake was tasty and the meals were great.
I wanna try Bora Asmara in Damansara! (maybe next time lol).

p/s: pics were taken from several different cameras... huhu
the sizes and quality of the photos are not the same.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

visit me please: HERE
DIFFerent side of me?? nah~~
i am a dreamy
i am not a morning person
however now i've developed to be one
due to final exams!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


okie..award ni dari missy ain

thank you
soalan2 nya:

1. apa yg bmain di fikiran anda sekarang ini?
study! study!

2. apakah nama samaran anda?
nil, enil, hawa.

3. berikan 3 org yg anda syg.
mama, abah, my grandma

4. panggilan untuk si dia.

5. hadiah yang anda impikan dari seseorang yang istimewa.
superbike :P /kitten pun bole

6. blog manakah yang anda suka lawati?

7. tagkan kpd 5 rakan blogger anda.

mai, nia, bob, johan, milie.

p/s: ni je yg sempat..kena stadi kuat ni sbb saya xpandai :( bye
wish me luck
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