Sunday, August 8, 2010

Am I a LOSER if i don't have any boyfriend??

Being an insightful woman, I've decided to ponder all the possible explanations for my perplexing singledom....... Allah knows best...

People always asking me whether I have a boyfriend at this age.. Then i proudly replied!! NO! and they look at me like I am LOSER, and seriously I wasn't offended by that. Even people that I know can't even answer my questions about me not having a boyfriend.Guys have liked me before but I turned the other cheek since I'm not interested to commit or taking any risk as I'm so shit scared of being hurt.And to be honest, I'm losing faith in marriage due hmm i dunno. I just cant accept the facts of women being cheated, beaten, divorced, treated badly in their marriage (was based on stories and experiences) Whenever I think "marriage," it gives of a negative connotation for me.
Am I a very picky person when it comes to boys?? Each person on this earth has the right to choose if there are choices. So am I. I just need help, i feel discouraged of getting married.. I tend to push away people!! That's my problem. Sometimes I just don't care if I don't get married. I just don't care if people will call me spinster. ANd i just presume that my jodoh will come in heaven (afterlife).(adakah ini keras hati?)
however!!sometimes i felt like.......

I haven't totally lost the faith in marriage. I just need a husband that I want and that I can rely too, thats all.And I've already decided that when I get married, I am going to do everything in my power to keep it together forever. I'll endure the pain, agony, arguing, fights, and all that encompasses a bad marriage, to keep the marriage together...because I'll love my hubby, my kids, and God. He'll be the luckiest man ever live. hehe At the moment, No romance entanglement!! No emotional commitment!! I have to restrict myself as I have to prioritize better things first for the sake of my future.

p/s: I'm very looking forward to meet up my MR. RIGHT at the very RIGHT moment!! :) (euww mcm gatal la plak) and xsabar nk explore marriage hehe


  1. you're really loser..if u agree and think like ur friends..
    what u looking for is a husband, and not just simply a boifrend..
    thats making u special compare to other gurls.
    being picky is great. but, just dont "too" picky..otherwise u will not be married forever..

    hope u will find that Mr. Right soon..=)

    p/s: besau kusi tepi tu. bleh duduk tak.=p

  2. wshing u good luck on choosing ur future husband dear~!!!

    comel entry ini

  3. thank you nizam and anis!! u both are very sensible
    i just don't trust romance entanglement outside marriage
    that's why Allah made it forbidden to commit
    Allah bless u both and memelihara anda :)

  4. U R NEVER A LOSER WHEN U CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE A BF, BUT OPTS TO FIND A HUSBAND sebab couple itu boleh juga disamakan dengan zina kecil. Wallahualam. BTW, semoga kamu mendapat jodoh yang soleh dan yang menjaga hatinya. insyaALLAH. amin :)

  5. assalamualaikum..
    tak payah susah cik hawa..biarlah ibu bapa awak carikan..

  6. wsalam duan
    tenkiu ms faten
    haha saya mmg pnh terpikir kalo umur saya da lanjut sgt
    and kalo mak saya tringin nk cucu..
    sbb saya anak sulung
    saya redha je kalo mak saya yg pilihkan

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. ok..kalo macam tu..saya nak jumpe mak awak la.. :)

  9. I think this my first time visiting ur blog
    nice to find it :D
    Happy fasting

  10. tenkiu maschio nero and ladyulia :)
    Allah bless you too

  11. salam,hye ainil..camna berpuasa diperantauan?
    hehe..btw dlm mencari psgn hdup ni xperlu terburu2,knpa nk hipokrit dan tipu diri,hati dan perasaaan kita dan pasangan kita,bukankah itu kejam? so if we still not ready to be in relationship, knpe la nk seksa2 tipu diri sendiri, knpa dgn pndapat org yg mengatakan we are loser if we dont have any boyfriend. it just a typical opinion..and be picky is most important when choosing the partner,sdgkan pilih baju and kasut pun nk cantik2,padan dgn kita and pastinya sedap dipakai,begitu juga dgn husband,bukan sehari dua je nk bersama..

    tp smua org mhu juga menyayangi dan disayangi, so just usaha,berdoa dan tawakal,isyallah jodoh itu akan terjamin cuma lambt atau cepat..itu je.;P

  12. wsalam yes2 btol tuh
    the best is yet to come :)

  13. betul tu, jarang org nak mengaku x cewek/boyfrd skrg... tp baik terbuka macam ni kan senang cite.


  14. :), first of all, i really luv ur entri :)
    i pun xde bf, even umur macam skrg patutnya layak dh ada :);
    for me, xde bf bkn nye sbb being too picky person, tp masih tak jumpe lg, bukan yg sempurna asalkan dia sempurna utk kita;
    insyaAllah ada, setiap manusia dah di tentukan antara cepat atau lambat je;
    may ALLAH bless :)

  15. hehe tenkiu la paradoks hati :)
    saya pun sdri wonder sape la suami saya nnti



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