Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gradually hating FACEBOOK!!!!

Facebook has become so public..
We can judge and be judged in a single day.
And I despise being negatively-judged by
OUTSIDERS!! especially the Muslim ones

I hope you guys are open minded reader + positive thinker hehe
To silence readers, you are cordially welcome to give opinions too.
cause I'm human too with so many flaws..correct me if I'm wrong.. My opinions were based on what I've gone thru my mere life of 21++ years.
ok!!! I have to be frank here :)

having so many friends on Facebook yet haven't spoken to most of them is pointless. It increases the number of possible stalkers and news-spreaders. That's why i don't add/approve unknown friends... bkn sbb nak sombong...sorry!! lagi2 dgn org kite sdri....huhu
My father has a facebook account, my aunts, my families my ex-schoolmates, my course-mates..all of them!! they are fine...
I'm not discriminating!! I need some space..I need some privacy.. Privacy to mingle with the people that I know..people which I've met in real world...people which I comfort with..
Each person has the right to do so kann??
minimal information is good!!! and I think, showing
I love getting to know people especially decent and tolerant ones. hehe

I'm a bit traumatized as my pictures had been copied and compiled into a video clip
and sometimes these
double dare people tried to add me in messenger.. seriously, bukan nk poyo atau berlagak, this had freaked me out!!
when my cousin kecoh2 bout this to the whole family and I knew nothing bout it!!
Ainil masuk youtube!! Ainil masuk youtube!! gler sentap and malu kan??
Sangat vulnerable la bila da ade social website ni..(padan muka, depressed for my own doings yg lepas2 gak) huhu *insap*
Dan bile da pulang ke kampung halaman or berada di mane2 xkan la nk kecoh kt sume org kan?? especially to
OUTSIDERS as I've been attacked several times because of this!! Come on moronic.. (saya marah ni).. It had proved that they are not org yg baik2 at that moment la (coz I dunno the real them). for me it was IMMORAL or BIADAP to act like dat towards women.
Tapi saya doakan mereka2 akan jadi baik. Saya da maafkan dah..
I won't disclosed any info to people that I barely know..
People might think that if they own a blog, they are free to show everything.
Too revealing is too vulnerable and yet too stupid..(ayat kejam di situ)

OK!! nak de-activate ke nk buang trus??
social network ni melalaikan ke? how about should I change it to private blog??
ape pendapat anda???or should I change myself by becoming better Muslimah???

p/s: sorry kalo ade tersilap bahasa -
I'm a female
homo sapiens who grow well with hormonal changes and emotions..hehehe
Hmmm da xde interest dah nk update blog....
Kdg2 i felt like mcm showing off je pun ade walaupun xde niat pun nk show off huhu cause different people interpret differently from another.
But who cares?? Miahahaha I love my life. I'm not affected by negative-commentators
Tapi skang da
TERMELETUP pulak hehe


  1. dear~
    kalo you private blog,i still can be your follower ta??
    if not..
    plizzzz jgn prvate...
    nak follow sampai tue ~~ hehe

  2. amer: tenkiu2 mmg sentiase cube bersabar :)
    anis: you are so sensible dear
    you are always welcome to follow :)
    Allah bless all of you :)

  3. ainil,

    alahai ainil..FB mmg mcm tu. akak yg dh deactivate pun masih dihantar mcm2 notification thru email. sampai org boleh tag akak kat gambar2. skang ni akak silently on9 FB, takde sapa kaco or komen2 hampeh. apa2 hal akak just private msg je ngan sedara2/kwn2. diorg semua t'kejut, sbb diorg pk akak dh delete acc. actually one can never delete their acc. or it just me who didn't know how? hehe..

  4. haha truk la fb ni
    mcm irreversible je
    once u've signed up..cannot be deleted

  5. sabar je lah...bulan Ramadhan bulan mulia ni ;)

    Latest entry:

  6. nasib baik aku dah lama hentikan aktiviti berfacebook ni..tapi akaun masih belum delete.. sooner or later..

  7. Tahun lepas beraya di kedah
    tahun ini beraya di jengka
    puasa sudah zakat pun sudah
    beraya kita hindari prasangka

    Lupakan sengketa bermaafan
    dari hujung rambut ke hujung jari
    halalkan kata-kata mana yang termakan
    sesama muslim jauhi cakar-mencakari

  8. bersabar yekk~~
    saya pun da deactivate kan facebook nieyh . .
    macam2 berlaku disebabkan facebook .
    its too public . . toooo public until it can make us fighting each other for the post . . haha . life is funny , right . ? anyway , bersabar okeyh~~

  9. i am one of your silent reader..tak pernah miss every post =).one reason i love your blog is because you show the other side of being a muslimah. not the traditional please dont privatize it.kalau nak juga,invite saye eh =)..about fb, one thing jangan upload banyak sangat gambar..i always upload my pic with friends or family, sangat jarang upload gambar single sorang2 sebab case macam ni.lagipun pernah terbaca dekat blog orang facebook bole menjurus kepada haram (especially to women) yg upload gambar excessively even with hijabs.

    memang hak masing-masing nak berblog ke berfesbuk tp not all readers or viewers are responsible or better jgn bagi chance dengan org macam ni buat benda tak baik ngn kita.

    hee anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family =)

  10. thank you nurul

    i try my best to be modern yet conservatively islamic

    tapi byk sgt kena diubah lg
    pray for me
    Slamat Hari Raya juga

  11. deact permanently > mark as spam email from FB, thats what i did. And Im happy..FB sangat semak.sekian.TQ



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