Sunday, October 3, 2010

choc + peanut can cause ACNE!!!

sdpnya choc peanut butter cake ni!!

For me, eating peanut does cause acne. I've tested it lately on myself over n over again. But everyone's skin and levels of tolerance is different. So if you feel it causes acne to you. You should consider stop eating it. I've already stop eating peanut butter!! However I still can't resist chocs!!! arhhh no! Therefore, I've compensated the eating of choc+ peanut by drinking a lot of water (more than 3 liters per day). Tapi!! kalo gi makan kt Max Brenner atau Copenhagen (choc cafe) ke..mcm mana nk skip mkn choc????haihhh
My friend's dermatologist asked her to stop eating choc and peanut in order to reduce her flaring of acne..Thus choc which added with milk and other ingredients can cause acne..peanut contains high calorie and aflatoxins also can cause acne!!
Hmm xbole la mkn choc cake sgt cmni pasni..
xbole mkn sambal kacang sgt
kalo xnk acne breakouts!! kena la tahan kan?? hee

patutla mama larang myself from eating peanuts sejak kecil
my mum sgt la tnggi tahap beauty conscious ni
sbb dia slalu ckp nnti jerawat tumbuh

p/s: lepas wat testing eating peanut on a daily basis as a snack, I am no longer tempted to grab a few peanuts in-between meals or have them as an after-dinner snack!!!!!!!!!!


  1. salam..
    naik la berat badan selalu
    bercokelat ni.he he..moga anda
    selalu sihat di sana Ainil Hawa



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