Friday, November 12, 2010

Military scientist

I've thought about my future career and I wish I'll be one of these:
1. Military scientist (I have to join armed forces and pick Biomarine or Defense Technology)
2. Pharmaceutical biotechnologist (inventing drugs/antibiotics/medications)
3. Iron-woman :P (by joining ironman competition- this is for myself!!)
4. Cosmeceutical biotechnologist (making breakthroughs in scars healing)....

either one or everything!!!!huhu sounds impossible rite? have to work my ass really hard for these lol..

Pray for me..... still working on it.. still materializing my dreams in order to helping human race..because a young scientist is much powerful than 20 politicians..

Let me tell you what scientist do :
for instance: (from what I had studied in my degree course):
Scientist breed goats that produce spider silk (known as SPIDER-GOAT)
These goats produce spider silk protein in their milk (spider silk fiber).
This fiber is strong, elastic and so beneficial for medical uses as for making artificial ligaments, tendons, eye suture and jaw repair. The most magnificent way is making them into bulletproof vests for armed forces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: my mum always said..tlg la acting mcm pmpn ckit bile dok umah....hehe sebenarnya nil ni tomboy gak tau (i've been one till 13 years old - sampai doctor asserted me as a hyperactive + aggressive kid)
Now, I'm way much different....Now , I'm quite good in concealing my true-self kot
skang org tgk gaya pun cam xseswai jek jadi askar haha
xpe la..biaq pi la org nk ckp ape, as i'm already a soldier and a fighter to my own self
xpe la..jadi civilian pun ok but still working for military huhu sbb my dad is already an army officer (I've got the overview from him)
wanna be more masculine yet feminine ..cmne tuh?? huhu
join armed force la! haha


  1. salam..
    zaiarah anda..semoga
    siht dan ceria selalu
    ermmm..saya suka anda
    jadi tentera..pasti menjadi
    antara yang popular di kalangan

  2. salam ainil,

    my stepdad was an army officer too. my mom pulak bhgn awam. once upon a time, i want to be an army officer also. but my mom forbid me. then i want to be a stewardess. flying around the globe. but my nenek forbid me.

    few years later, i wanna be a stay-at-home-mom, lucky me, my husband allows me. haha..apa la..

  3. wsalam zul and kak lynn...
    dlu mse kecik sy mmg nk jadi air-fighter dlm air force
    tp sbb my result ok, ade org sarankan baik gi oversea jek..then ade dpt offer medic rusia n egypt whether under tajaan mara or army, tapi i pick biotech la plak..huhu trse nyesal la juga lepaskan
    however, sometimes i felt like being a supermummy, stay at home didik anak n wat2 kerja2 umah sume...haha tp nk merasa gak jadi kental n lasak
    i dun wanna be princess yg lemah lembab haha
    ntah la kak....time will tell... huhu
    my dad lak galakkan sbb myself da ade degree, so sng jek nnti nk naik dlm army.

  4. tentera...
    ayahku seorang tentera

    adikku juga bakal tentera bila die grad t...
    mengikut jejak hehe

    Entry Baru:
    Oh Result

  5. amboi..tomboy ek dia..

    now da tukar kot..feminin gitu.aww


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