Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another poem

We are all part of a complex plan in which each temperament when functioning properly, will fit into right place and unite to form an exciting and balanced picture. Well, I found a person who I assume to be my buffering agent whenever I'm losing my nerves. i CREATED a poem.... dedicated to someone special:

YOU are a person who does not offend, does not call attention to yourself and quietly does what is expected. without looking for credit.

You always calm, slow to anger, in control under stress, never impulsive, logical, reliable, loyal and patient.

You do not set goals for others, no self-improvement for others.....because you accept people just as they are. You don't criticize and this manner contented everyone.

You always have unemotional logics which reduce tense situation and you handle it with only few soft words.

Your meek and quiet spirit is so pleasant to be around with.
Your dry humor is entertaining.
You are the person who always laying plans and you fit into any slot you was dropped in.

This most admirable trait is your ability to stay put in the eye of a storm.
You rides cool and quietly in the right direction. Emotion does not overwhelm you, anger does not enter your heart.

You never got upset with my impatience and vicissitude.
You hummed softly all the way back home.

You are inoffensive and steady in nature. When my eyes were bulging out of my head with pressure, you always coax me to calm down :)

You are well- balanced for me...

What I like best about you?????
Well, I guess all of yourself, because nothing much stands out......Thats why I like you.

p/s: hey2 you..hope you like it. I love you ....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am busy ..I have no time for myself

I am intuitive
sometimes rational
sometimes logical
yet emotional
I wanna be more rational
I am busy
I want to socialize
go out
do outdoor again...
I want to be able to fly again
I desire to be free
Or do a new hobby
the inexpensive hobby

How about music?? To sooth my hectic life?
I've tried guitar..however I can't play well...
I'm not gifted..
aiyarkkk...and no where in the hell I'll play it again

Sunday, December 12, 2010



1. WAJIB FOLLOW: my blog ok &
sebab. bukan sab sorng jek yang akan judge pic korang.
and senang ntuk korang tau perkembangan contest ni.
mungkin akan di pos di blog sab or cik mok.
mane yang dah follow blog sab, follow cik mok jugak k
and yng bru nk follow. follow dua2. huhu.

2. mesti ade blog dan berstatus warganegara MALAYSIA.
(blogger only)

3. kaum bebas. agama bebas. jantina pun bebas. hee

4. story sedikit about korang punye picture tuh.
tak kisah la korang picture sorang or ramai2 dgn kawan.
tapi..if ramai. mesti semua pakai shades ok!

5. maximum only two picture korang bagi. but only 1 picture akan di pilih.

6. haa..jangan lupe amik banner kat atas nie. letak kat
sidebar korang and link kat banner ke blog ni ok!

7. tag kan kepada blogger aktif ok!
min korang kena tag 4 blogger. tapi lagi ramai.
lagi bgus kan. tag banyak2. huhu.

8. dah join. plz..leave ur komen with ur link skali di blog ini.
and sab and cik mok akan terjah blog korang ok
ntuk pastikan korang penuhi syarat2 yang di tetapkan.

9. tarikh tutup contest ni pada 15 dec 2010
so,korang bayak mase lagi nak buat tau!

10. hadiah? mystery gift from me and cik mok.
dnt wry. kami tak kan hampakan anda.

tag kpd:

p/s: pasni nil nk wat contest gak la...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aku Suka Taman

Adelaide city park:

Taman ini terletak di Victoria Square di Adelaide, Australia. Taman ini terletak di tengah bandar Adelaide. Gambar ini diambil pada musim sejuk sekitar bulan Julai. Kawasan ini juga menempatkan tugu, kolam dan air pancut yang menarik. Taman ini lazim diadakan Malaysian Festival anjuran pelajar Malaysia di sini. Taman inilah titik pertemuan rakyat Malaysia di sini yang berbilang kaum berkumpul menikmati jamuan dan persembahan menarik di sini... memang istimewa! :)
Pemandangan yang menarik di sini menjadi tumpuan para pelancong merakamkan kenangan mereka di sini.

3 Perkara BEST yang anda dapat kat Blog Kiz Garden:

1) Banner blog yang menarik and eye-catching..kreatif sgt..terpegun saya tgk hehe
2) Entry-sarat dengan contest dan hadiah yg menarik hati..ade potensi jd top blogger ni
3) Bole cuci mata sbb dorg ade blogshop.... mcm2 ade kt KizHanie Misc shop ni..hehe

p/s: this is my 1st time joining contest :)
wish me luck

Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm In love!!

Haha tipu!! I'm in love with my own voice :P hahaha
At last...I can sing Afgan's song as my voice is quite big
Think so hahaha
I'm so into Afgan's songs!!
As for low tone song, I just manage to sing Everytime from Britney Spears each time I went karaoke

Today, Blogging in English
Learned new things from career training... To master in LANGUAGE, u need to think and self-monologue to yourself in that language too..Therefore, I've made a poem to motivate myself:

I'm a ignoramus
The world is full of perplexities, puzzlements and peculiarities, all just begging to be explained and resolved.
At this moment.. I just need something or someone who can entertain and enlighten me...
Yes I'm in love....
Love had driven to move forward, to strive the world, to get thru hardships and calamities...

Thats it!!! haha
Less is more right??
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