Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another poem

We are all part of a complex plan in which each temperament when functioning properly, will fit into right place and unite to form an exciting and balanced picture. Well, I found a person who I assume to be my buffering agent whenever I'm losing my nerves. i CREATED a poem.... dedicated to someone special:

YOU are a person who does not offend, does not call attention to yourself and quietly does what is expected. without looking for credit.

You always calm, slow to anger, in control under stress, never impulsive, logical, reliable, loyal and patient.

You do not set goals for others, no self-improvement for others.....because you accept people just as they are. You don't criticize and this manner contented everyone.

You always have unemotional logics which reduce tense situation and you handle it with only few soft words.

Your meek and quiet spirit is so pleasant to be around with.
Your dry humor is entertaining.
You are the person who always laying plans and you fit into any slot you was dropped in.

This most admirable trait is your ability to stay put in the eye of a storm.
You rides cool and quietly in the right direction. Emotion does not overwhelm you, anger does not enter your heart.

You never got upset with my impatience and vicissitude.
You hummed softly all the way back home.

You are inoffensive and steady in nature. When my eyes were bulging out of my head with pressure, you always coax me to calm down :)

You are well- balanced for me...

What I like best about you?????
Well, I guess all of yourself, because nothing much stands out......Thats why I like you.

p/s: hey2 you..hope you like it. I love you ....

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