Friday, March 25, 2011

bashing FACEBOOK lagi!!

I think facebook is not a stupid social website ever invented .... However, the users are stupid ...
sorry! if this really applies to you, don't take it personal..(I don't wanna offend anybody)

WHy i think some facebook users are stupid??? becoz when they encounter an issue, they will tell it out on others wall and type it in their status..kecohnya...mcm xde harga diri atau maruah...
banyak benda bodoh dari kengkawan dari benda baik sbenarnya
kalo ye pun nk attention...or consultation ... don't tell facebook ....tell therapist ke...psychiatrist ke...buat malu jek!! korg percaya ek facebook??
facebook ni ade ramai sgt silent readers and rumour spreaders walaupun dorg ni kawan baik korg (lagi2 kalo korg ade beribu2 kawan)...dorg ni xcomment or concern pun!! dorg ni suke nyibuk and speculate things and fitnah and menganjing and mcm2 lagi....kalo ye pun nk tahu..pls la tnya direcly to tuan punya badan..

p/s: You don't have to like me, I'm not a facebook status hehe :P This is just from what I've observed.

I like facebook as it helps me to connect with people and learn things from others, run my own business...etc... AND 92% of people post it into facebook becoz they wanna show off!!! btol kan??
semua org pun cmtu! HAHA

I jumped from a nutraceutical company to corporate world!!

My discipline of study was Biotech, AND I was a nutritionist for couple of months
But now I've jumped into the corporate world.
MARCUS EVANS- I newly joined this company which is based in UK
Loving it as all the teams are really diverse and multinational
I'm in Middle East Division so I work according to their office hour..
Can't wait to get my 1st deal here...coz the earning will be higher than my previous job and this really worth the effort once I get it.
(biase la tuh, adat manusia..bile org lain bayar tggi mesti they'll go for it kan??)
resam hidup mcm tu la!! hehe

Wish me luck!

p/s: walaupun is not really what I've studied, I always got the chance to talk to decision makers from many industries including biotech!!! yehaaa!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm a girl but I'm hairy!!

i'm happy with myself in every single way - body weight, height, figure- got a toned and nice shaped figure after wearing PB corset for about 3 weeks-THANKS LORD
there are things i hate,
i'm pale sometimes, my voice is strong but i can't sing.....
sometimes I feel I'm HAIRY even others telling me I'm not hairy at all
I think my testosterone level is quite high than any other women as i have descendants from Middle East
What's wrong with me?? I am different from my other female siblings. They said I took the phenotypes from my peranakan baba nyonya + arab great grandparents. 

I'm always having BODY IMAGE DISORDER as I wanna look perfect inside out
HOWEVER I'm a human...i am too far from perfect.
i really don't know what to do about the other bits of my imperfections
I tend to wear my hijab like this as I wish to hide my chubbiness which is quirky...
I just have to move on and stay positive...
Or else I will lose my sanity as there are more issues i need to eradicate rather than my image issue

Missing my friends in MCMF!!

hopefully they've got their dream job and earn a well pay :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy giler!!!!!!

Asal balik keje pas mandi n basuh PB corset
mesti mata ngntok
busy nya setelah brkerjaya kini
and i love my job so much!!!
sbb sentiase sihat dan menjadi contoh kpd masyarakat
balik keje jek da penat giler
xdpt nk update belog yg xbest ni

kucing kesayangan bru mati minggu ni huwaaa
virus kucing menyerang :(
rindu la pasni
daripada baby da bela woo
da la gebu lagi fluffy
menanges2 adik ku dgr berita ni :(

nk wat review ttg corset PB la nnti
skang bru 2 minggu pakai
da nmpk perubahan!! yeay!!

dan xsabar nk tunjuk kt dunia ttg gigi baru saya
setelah 3 thn pakai teeth braces
tu paling bermakna

dan nk update byk psl mcm2 event dan gambar2 bersuka ria !
tp xde masa!
sampai nk gi wat appointment ngn dermatologist pun xde masa :(

dan nak perubahan!! nk blogging in English pasni
bkn nak poyo tp for my own good juga

dan teringin sgt nk wat bungee jumping kt Sunway Lagoon
xdpt gi New zEALAND gi wat bungee pun xpe la
nk try atv adventure kt kemensah gak pasni!!
nk wat sukan lasak balik pasni :)

(ceh cter mcm la org nk tahu aku nk watpe)
(suka aku la!!.....)

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