Friday, March 25, 2011

bashing FACEBOOK lagi!!

I think facebook is not a stupid social website ever invented .... However, the users are stupid ...
sorry! if this really applies to you, don't take it personal..(I don't wanna offend anybody)

WHy i think some facebook users are stupid??? becoz when they encounter an issue, they will tell it out on others wall and type it in their status..kecohnya...mcm xde harga diri atau maruah...
banyak benda bodoh dari kengkawan dari benda baik sbenarnya
kalo ye pun nk attention...or consultation ... don't tell facebook ....tell therapist ke...psychiatrist ke...buat malu jek!! korg percaya ek facebook??
facebook ni ade ramai sgt silent readers and rumour spreaders walaupun dorg ni kawan baik korg (lagi2 kalo korg ade beribu2 kawan)...dorg ni xcomment or concern pun!! dorg ni suke nyibuk and speculate things and fitnah and menganjing and mcm2 lagi....kalo ye pun nk tahu..pls la tnya direcly to tuan punya badan..

p/s: You don't have to like me, I'm not a facebook status hehe :P This is just from what I've observed.

I like facebook as it helps me to connect with people and learn things from others, run my own business...etc... AND 92% of people post it into facebook becoz they wanna show off!!! btol kan??
semua org pun cmtu! HAHA


  1. uols namapun social's about connecting people.

  2. mungkin betul kot apa you cakap tuh.

    i'm not sure because i don't have facebook. i prefer Twitter dari FB tuh. Tapi Twitter pun takde jugak...ha ha ha..

    ada blog satu pun dah excited dah Nil! :)

  3. sokong datuk seri ainil. saya setuju 100%. hehe



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