Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm a girl but I'm hairy!!

i'm happy with myself in every single way - body weight, height, figure- got a toned and nice shaped figure after wearing PB corset for about 3 weeks-THANKS LORD
there are things i hate,
i'm pale sometimes, my voice is strong but i can't sing.....
sometimes I feel I'm HAIRY even others telling me I'm not hairy at all
I think my testosterone level is quite high than any other women as i have descendants from Middle East
What's wrong with me?? I am different from my other female siblings. They said I took the phenotypes from my peranakan baba nyonya + arab great grandparents. 

I'm always having BODY IMAGE DISORDER as I wanna look perfect inside out
HOWEVER I'm a human...i am too far from perfect.
i really don't know what to do about the other bits of my imperfections
I tend to wear my hijab like this as I wish to hide my chubbiness which is quirky...
I just have to move on and stay positive...
Or else I will lose my sanity as there are more issues i need to eradicate rather than my image issue


  1. Salam Ainil Hawa..
    semoga sihat dan ceria hendaknya..
    rasanya dah sempurna rupa paras anda
    bersyukurlah masih ada insan yang jauh
    lebih kurang di luar sana..jadi, always
    think positif about yourself..

  2. u look juz fine darl..tp klo omputih dorang memang sker cabut bulu roma kat muka.sakit mcm mane pon tetap xnak bagi bulu roma tumbuh kat muka.hu3

  3. nil..

    promote PB ek.. :)

    nothing wrong wt you la...jgn risau la

    kita semua 'perfectly imperfect' :)

  4. ure juz fine the way ure...cewwah



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