Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scenery from my office window

When I look out my office window I see Petronas Twin Tower. I am quite amazed at what I can see from where I am sitting even though being cooped up for the rest of the day on 22nd floor office.i REALISED that I am in a concrete jungle and surrounded by skyscrapers.

When something outside catches my eye like dark, menacing rain clouds! Sure enough, within minutes it’s pouring rain, and the wind is whipping it around. Drops are landing on the window. I focus on the drops hanging on my window glass, looking for patterns and designs. And very soon, I find them. Sometimes, something as simple as raindrops transformed something I see out of my office window every day into something remarkable as my imagination started to divert me away from work.

The temperature comes down. It is a great relief.

The sky is already overcast with clouds. The sun is not visible. There are occasional flashes of lightning and the loud roar of the thunder. Then the rain falls in torrents. The drains are filled up. The rain water cannot easily pass into the drains. So the streets are flooded. It is a sight to see. People have to wade through the water. Thus a heavy rainfall causes great inconvenience to people, specially the office-goers and workers.

The traffic was terrible. Cars were stuck in the same position for ages and the whole transportation system seemed to have collapsed. Restless honk from cars could frequently be heard. I am lucky enough as my working hours are not like others. After enjoying the scene, I continued my good work and became speedy again.

After all, I feel that the soothing sound of raindrops falling outside my window reducing the tense inside my head. I always roll up my window blinds when I come to office as I wanna get sunlight and I wanna see what is happening outside.


  1. ni la satu advantage dinding concrete kat office diganti dgn tempered glass, covered with curtain or blind. :)

    plus boleh usha traffic flows dari atas...

    disadvantage.. bila fire drill or lift rosak, kena la Ainil jadi superwoman nak naik dan turun 22 tingkat tuh.. :p

  2. the scene yg agak cool
    ala2 my stress-breaker bile tension

    dan the parking garage sgt la creepy huhu
    lagi2 kalo mlm sbb xde org

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