Thursday, May 19, 2011


Pengumuman!pengumuman! Saya seorang pencinta haiwan utk pertama kalinye saya nk anjur contest mengenai haiwan.
Oleh itu, saya nak ajak sume rakan2 blogger join contest saya iaitu 'CONTEST GAMBAR ANDA BERSAMA HAIWAN'

Mari2! DAN senang sgt nk join dan terbuka kpd semua haiwan ...xkESAH la haiwan ape pun macam harimau ke hape ke tapi kalo boleh haiwan yg xharam dari segi syarak la huhu

(PERHATIAN: contest ni bukan diciplak dari mane2 sbb kontes ni melibatkan semua haiwan-bukan haiwan paling comel jek ye!)
Gambar atau photo yg menarik akan dipilih sebagai pemenang. Hadiah berupa hadiah misteri yang luarbiase akan di pos kpd pemenang!
Tarikh Tutup Sehingga 1 June 2011.


1. Coretkan 1 entri pasal contest ni..( CONTEST GAMBAR BERSAMA HAIWAN )...
hantar 1 je gambar ye...dlm gmbar tu max 3 org sahaja dan wajib ade at least seekor haiwan atau byk pun xpe!

2. letak gambar Nil bersama haiwan di atas dlm entri dgn side bar dgn caption contest gambar bersama haiwan (link kan dengan url contest ini)

3. Wajib follow blog ini (

4. Dah join tgglkan komen anda pada entri ni dan letakkan link entri anda skali

5. Tag 3 org rakan blogger anda

6. Dan Tarikh Tutup: 1 JUNE 2011

p/s: all the best guys!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Batu Caves - stairs climbing

Initially we've planned to do caving in Damai Cave. However the guides were not there and did not pick up our calls (bad management!! ) so we decided to climb Batu Caves. The weather was scorching hot on that Sunday but we really enjoyed the time we had spent there to break our sweat and to break free from our works and studies. This trip was organized by Monash Wild Adventure Club. Batu Caves is a limestone cave and it is known as cave temple for Hindus. To reach the temple, we must climb a steep flight of 272 steps. And it was announced that cable car would be built there ! Awesome right??
Here are some pictures of my visit:

i was hyperventilating at this moment :P

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What do collagen do to you? Important message to all beauty concious people.!!!This is my personal experience.

I've been taking collagen drinks and powders since 2009 (when I was 19) and what I've developed is NOTHING!!!! mY EXPERIENCES as nutritionist and I am a Bio major working as scientist now. Stem cell also bring no effect unless you do it topically (put on stem tissues on affected area to treat skin issue). You should do live stem cell therapy instead to get the real positive change - quoted from a local anonymous Prof. in science. The effects are still questionable. 

Stem cells are used to treat cancer clinically just like this research 

Okay back to collagen

What I've found collagen does not really help in smoothing your skin as it is naturally produced and is the most abundant protein in your body. So, external source of collagen does not really affect much onto your skin appearance as collagen is evenly distributed throughout your body. But on long term basis, it 'may' affect you skin appearance. So overproduced collagen in my body may had made my skin became softer yet I have no idea what had contributed to that. After quite a moment, I figured out that the collagen supplements which I had taken have other contributing ingredients to the production of my collagen. haha that's make sense right?

There are some customers complaint to me that collagen drink which they had taken for like 2-3 years ago do not work at all (when I was a nutritionist).
so! the thing is! collagen cream or pills/drinks do nothing to you!! so don't bother to buy them...!
however collagen in your production could be facilitated.
The basic truth about collagen is that you need to stimulate its own production naturally. This can occur by applying specific anti aging creams that contain certain natural substances that stimulate the production of collagen in your body like vitamin C. You do need the collagen protein to help remove the wrinkles, but it cannot be applied to your skin or ingested in the form of collagen pills. Becoming educated on how to restore the collagen and elastin proteins will save you from buying products that do not work.

SO!! Instead of taking vitamin C orally.. I've decided to buy vitamin c ampoules and i went to the local clinics to get it done. If u take at a clinic, the price range is abt rm 30- rm 50 per jab.This is also depends what kinda jab u wanna take.There are Vit C jab, Vit C + collagen and gluta for whitening.
I've bought my vitamin C+ COLLAGEN ampules from my friend who just got married at a great deal. She did this kin of jab before her wed and she still got several boxes and she decided to sell them to me.

I read at a malay forum, some of the forum members there had done it as well, they can see differences in their skin, less breakouts, smoother and softer and fairer skin(elbow, knee) and very rare sinus problem(for those who have serious cases of sinus). I thought I need this as my skin easily breakout whenever my period visiting. But not anymore. 

I've already used 1 ampoule.

I realized that over-dosage of vitamin C can cause crystallization of this vitamin C particles within your kidney and can cause kidney stone. And since Vitamin C is water soluble and easily being washed away, I drink a lot of water to dilute the effect.
Yes I know that there has been a lot of anti-vitamin C injection sentiment highlighted in the press because of a lot of abuse both by beauticians, doctors and totally unqualified people who are overselling vitamin C as the elixir ofyouth. The truth is that vitamin C is something which is essential for our body function in many ways

*anti-oxidants to clean up free radicals,-h helps to mop up the free radicals generated by UV damage and henceprevent pigmentation caused by UV exposure. I'm taking this for a good cause and to boost up my immune system.

* supporting our immune system, aid wound healing, building collagen in skin

I think what I've tried was not wrong at all and I'll do it again if it benefiting me and my life. I took this supplements under a well-trained people prescription which is my dermatologist (my skin doctor). However, not every physician agree with this. Let the nature do the work. Just stay healthy naturally. 
Ministry of Health Malaysia does have one brand of injectable Vitamin C (my doc said) and she had convinced me it was not wrong at all.I realized that taking oral vitamin c supplement is not adequate as only approximately 8-11% will be absorbed into my body and the rest will be washed away. So, last time I've decided to jab it into my blood and to increase the efficiency of my vitamin c absorption. Hence facilitating good health of mine. Yeah right, just for temporary. 

p/s: if you have kidney problem or vitamin c allergies, you cannot take vit c injection!!
dan sape2 lg nk kulit n kesihatan baik...try a very good supplement which covering overall health mcm glutathione (the powerful antioxidant)- untuk kulit cantik n cerah semulajadi ..mak nyah ramai amik tuk cerahkan kulit! auww... mmg menarik! There is none magic pills utk cantik, bab kate kak nita, rahsia kecantikan adalah dengan berkat  ambil air wudu je hahahaha 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wall climbing again at Mad Monkeyz Gym

Indoor climbing gym at Wangsa Maju :Mad Monkeyz Bouldering GYM.
Wall climbing always be ONE of my options to stay fit!
There are coaches around to guide you through for those who are new.
The day pass is only RM8.00 and the rental of shoes and chalk bag is only RM5.00.
I wish I'll get my own climbing shoes in few months time from now.
I've been visiting this gym since 2009 and it is quite cozy as you can cool yourself down after the strenuous climbing in the air-conditioned gym. Plus it provides lockers for climbers to keep their valuables.
The gym also offers a full range of climbing gears like shoes, harnesses, hardware, and more.
I've already signed up as a member. And what I've heard they are now offering new membership package effective on 1st April 2011 for newcomers.
There's also climbing routes for kids where you can bring your kids to try out their climbing potential. I found that I was able to spend my time productively doing something healthy here as the environment is really stimulating. You should visit this gym if you live near to Wangsa Maju area.

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