Monday, June 6, 2011

I wish

I wish I am perfect
I wish I could ride my life smoothly without any obstacles
I wish I am a good friend
I wish I eat right each day
I wish I could live well
I wish I am freaking rich
I wish that I don't have to work
I wish I have no emotion when people tease me
I wish I could fly and escape from this land
I wish I could see through people's body so I can diagnosed what's is going wrong in them
I wish I could read people's mind
I wish I have more time
I wish I am supersmart like Einstein
I wish I won Nobel Prize for my discovery in Genetics
I wish I have my own cute biological baby at this moment
I wish I could help people in pain and suffer
I wish I could change the world
I wish I would be a supermum
I wish I am always forgiven
I wish my husband would be the luckiest man ever live if I ever got married with him..haha

Every wish must be materialized with efforts and hard works...
God, please grant my wishes which are possible and achievable..

p/s: kepada semua peserta contest gambar bersama haiwan
kami suda pilih pemenang...cuma skang agak kebizian sbb bru balik outstation...
so saya akan try cpt2 umumkan pemenang dan poskan hadiah ye!



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