Sunday, January 5, 2014

Excursion to Broga Hill, Semenyih

Hi peeps and Assalammualaikum ! I have been to Broga Hill few times and it seems that the surrounding up here had changed. It is much filthier than before as hikers pollute the hill with their vomit, urine and other waste products... Really disgusting scene to be seen .. euwww uwek

Even though few concerned people came here every weekend to collect the litter, the pollution re-occur every single day as the number of irresponsible people are much larger than the good ones. I wont apologize for that statement as it is so true!!! So disappointing. 

The act of only few good  men cannot outnumber the dirty work done by others. Thus, serious awareness must be instill within our self as we always need the clean nature for the next generation to come TO ENJOY like we did.  hoho sekian itu bebelan saya for today .

Here are some photos to prove that this place is so beautiful and we should not harm it:


  1. Salam Nil...

    biasa la tu Nil, kalau tak kotor, bukan Malaysia namanya kot...kalau ada tong sampah kat atas bukit tu pun belum tentu 'diorang' tahu guna kan?

  2. wsalam. wey . busuk sbenanya haha xdpt oxygen



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